Teacher Appreciation!

I can’t believe that May is here already!

While looking at my calendar this past week I realized that this coming Monday, May 2nd is the start of Teacher Appreciation week. I grew up in a house with a Teacher and I know how much love, time and effort goes in to being a Teacher. I am adamant that my children’s Teachers will always know how appreciated they are.

This year, I’m planning a few fun things to happen every day for my Daughter’s Teacher and I thought I’d share a couple of those ideas with y’all in case you’re looking for some inspiration.

• I sent each child in the class home with a piece of cardstock with “Mrs. K is special because…” in a fun font across the top and instructions for each student to work with their parents to color, decorate and write a few reasons why Mrs. K is special to them. I’ll bind them into a book to be given to her at the end of this week.
• Each day of this week we’ve gotten the parents from each grade to bring goodies in the morning for the teachers to snack on throughout the day. Ex: Brunch one day, Desk snacks another, Desserts another and catered lunch on Friday.
• At our school all the kids go into the PE room before the bell rings releasing them to class. Monday, I am going to meet the kids in the PE room and give each of them a different pink flower or greenery to take in and give to Mrs. K so that she’ll have a gorgeous bouquet and each of the kids gets to play a part in it.
• You can buy a cute canvas bag from your craft store and have each child place their handprint in paint on it and then write their name below their handprints – this makes both an adorable and functional gift.
• Crayon wreaths are always fun, too!

Do you do anything special for Teacher’s Appreciation week? Have any great ideas? I’d love for you to share them here!

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