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womand and young child outside a park

3 Easy Hacks to Fight Stress On the Go

In many ways, modern life has given us some pretty awesome advantages. With information readily available, we’re strong advocates for our kids, committed stewards of the family schedule and budget. Some moms also work in and out of the home to financially provide for their families while balancing a meal plan and school pick-up. That’s all great news, but when we consider the amount of stress the modern mom caries on any given day, learning to balance it all while on the go is a vital lesson. Without innate coping… View Full Article
Glass bowl with yogurt and berries

Power Through With Power Foods

A busy, on-the-go lifestyle is probably the norm for you and your family. But then there are those extra-busy days where you’re running around even more than usual – a day at a theme park, multiple engagements, lengthy sports activities making times in between meals even longer. In order to maintain your energy for these more demanding days, you’ll need to power up. Travel with nutrient-dense food choices when you are on the go, so that you and your kids can perform your best! By having a list of healthy… View Full Article
Woman and man eating sandwiches side-by-side

Time Saving Tips for an On The Go Family’s Kitchen

To describe mine as an “on-the-go” family would be the understatement of the century. As my kiddos get older, we find ourselves also jamming homework, practices, and meetings into the spot where just dinner used to be. Rarely is supper served at our dining room table these days; more and more, everyone’s wearing a seatbelt when supper is served, or we find ourselves spread out on a blanket on the sidelines of soccer practice. Constantly, I am perfecting a portable kitchen for my family. In Fact, Here are My Best… View Full Article