7 Ways to Save at the Grocery

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16 Easy Campfire Eats

For when the kiddos grow tired of hotdogs and s’mores

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Making Mom’s Little Helpers

Prepping your kiddos to help with dinner

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Creating Sweet AND Savory Waffles

Combine two breakfast classics in just minutes

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Land O’Moms Articles

Healthy Pasta

6 Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Pasta

A friend on Facebook posted the other day asking for high-protein food recommendations for her son, who is underweight. The more obvious answers include peanut butter, cheese, meat, eggs and yogurt (especially if it’s Greek). But I remembered I’d just been to the grocery store (for the sixth time that week), and I saw all of these high-protein black bean pasta noodles in a special section of the pasta aisle. Likewise, for the first time ever, I noticed noodles made of zucchini and squash. Most kids love pasta, so what… View Full Article
Money Saving Summer Tips

How to Search for Deals and Savings Fun this Summer

Your kids see nothing but summer fun at amusement parks, water parks and game centers, while all you see are dollar signs. But take heart! You can find deals for favorite summer pastimes and even create your own fun at home without breaking the bank. Whether it’s free community offers, revved up picnics and play dates, or good old-fashioned backyard games, here are some ideas that are sure to entertain even the most screen-drenched kid. So lather up on the sunblock, put on your flip-flops and put and get ready… View Full Article
Mom Whispering to Daughter

Whispering: The Magical Trick for Getting Kids to Listen

It all started one afternoon while walking the kids home from school. We stopped to smell the roses – literally – when my younger (but stronger) son pushed his older sister over to get a better spot. I lost it and I yelled at him for what felt like forever. By the time I was done, all three of us were exhausted. But there was only one adult in this equation … and it was me. I later vowed to find a less stressful way to handle situations like this… View Full Article