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Bowl of beef and potato stew with spoon

Shortcuts to a Homemade Dinner

Quick tips to get your dinner on the table in a flash. Whether you work 40+ hours a week in an office downtown, or you run the tangled web of schedules of your household, if you are a mom, you are busy. Between short meetings, long meetings, music practices, sports practices, homework, and special projects, you are beyond busy. And sadly, the most challenging task of the day is often dinner – getting it made and getting everyone to the table. Dinner need not be an added stressor. There are… View Full Article
woman with a child walking in a park

A Park is Your Family’s Best Friend

There’s a hidden gem in the United States and it’s called the park system. I’m sure you’re aware of your local, state and national parks, but there are often-overlooked “secrets” that lie within. On your average day, you may not think to enter the parks, but rather explore some other paid form of family entertainment, like the movies or amusement parks. The secret is there’s a lot more to do within the park system besides a simple picnic. From local to national, the park systems can serve as a family… View Full Article
Person writing with a pencil on a standardized test

Final Exams: Year-End Testing Tips For Your Kids (and You!)

The end of Spring Break means, amongst other things, that we’re in the school year home stretch. Parents of school-age children everywhere are probably saying the same things: Either “finally” or “this year flew by!” Back-to-school shopping and the treasure hunt for school supplies seem like memories from just a month ago. But in a blink of an eye, we’re all thinking about year-end parties, teachers’ gifts (don’t forget!) and even graduation – whether it be from kindergarten, elementary school middle school or high school. With the flurry of year-end… View Full Article