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How To Be More Than Just Mom: Preparing for Life After Motherhood

The day I became a mother, I felt like I found a community of people that I could easily fit into. I joined a mom’s group filled with playdates at the park, coffee at our houses with crazy children sloshing our cups and night’s out where we complained about all the mom things over wine. Coffee, wine AND complaining? It’s like I had finally found my people. The day my youngest finally went off to school for a full day, there was a lot of excitement…and also a giant identity… View Full Article
Man helps child hang on to basketball hoop rim

5 Tips to Create a Summer Exercise Plan for Busy Families

With the arrival of summer also comes the final days of many organized sports and regular activities that our kids have enjoyed during the school year. Sure, a week or so of lounging around might sound fun, but soon enough you’ll be looking for ways to get them active again. And by then, they’ll surely have told you they’re bored. So here are five tips to create a summer exercise plan for a busy family on the go. 1. Set a goal Kids don’t care about the number of step… View Full Article
Women with to-do list notes on shirt

Ever Declined Help? This Story’s for You.

Who, me? Need help? Nah. Never. I can totally prep a 5-course meal, hand craft my daughter’s birthday gift, bust out 50 push ups and volunteer at the animal shelter all before I leave in 10 minutes to pick up the kids. Pshht. No big deal.* *Head explodes. Here’s the REAL deal. None of us can do it all. It’s just that simple. And we shouldn’t EXPECT ourselves to do it all.  It seems so simple, but it’s a very recent realization for me. Let me tell you about my… View Full Article