Moving With a Baby

Remind me again why I would choose to move with a baby?

Oh yeah. I’m crazy.

Well, hopefully my lessons learned can make your move seamless and as pleasant as possible. First off, I would highly recommend recruiting all of the family and friends you can. You can always bribe them with free food! Just make sure that they have enough food and drinks throughout the move to make them feel as comfortable as possible. You want them to still like you when you’re done!

Baby-playing-while-movingNext, if it’s possible, try to schedule a babysitter and pet sitter for all of your babies.Yes, I got a babysitter and dog sitter. They are both my children. That way, you can completely focus on packing, moving and unpacking without distractions.

At your old house, empty an entire room, making it childproofed for the baby. Of course, have someone in the room, making sure they’re not getting into trouble. At least they’ll have a safe place to play while heavy boxes are being moved.

At the new house, making a room or space, designated for the baby is crucial. We made the mistake of going two days without a place that was baby friendly and had to carry Liam everywhere. We were tired of holding him and he was ready to crawl and explore! Just make sure the new space is baby-proofed and filled with familiar toys to make it feel like home.

Lastly, make sure you have a carrier and/or a pack ‘n play ready for those times when baby needs a nap and you need two hands. You’ll both be in a better mood when the baby is rested and on somewhat of a normal schedule.

What did I miss?

Now, I need a sandwich. You surely work up an appetite while moving!

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