Goals Instead of Resolutions

Alright, y’all – it’s mid-January and y’all know what that means. Resolutions have been made and broken.

Unless you’re me, I don’t make resolutions, I never have. Do you? Have you kept them? Broken them?

Each year, we sit down, my husband and I with our year’s ‘workbook’ which is basically a budgeting/bill keeping notebook that I buy at Target every year and we talk about the past year, where our money went and what we can do better. We set a goal to pay something off each year; last year, we paid off our credit cards, this year, it’s to build up our savings and kids’ college funds.

Then, we talk about our personal goals, what one thing do we want to focus on? A family trip, home renovation, ensuring that we have a monthly date night? Whatever it is we really want to make a part of the upcoming year. Now that the kids are older, we invite them to join us during the family goals discussion.

This year, my kids have let me know that they want to spend more time in the kitchen with me. Oh the giddy joy that this brings me. So, we’ve set aside time each week for the kids to sit down with me and work on our grocery list and menu plan and then they get to help me prep the meals and do any other kid safe work to help get dinner on the table.

These aren’t so much resolutions, because really, those are just made to be broken. These are life changes and improvements. So, what do y’all do? Resolutions, or life changes?

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