First Aid for Spring!

It’s Spring – It’s Spring – It’s Spring!!!

Are the birds singing? Flowers blooming? Bees buzzing?

Are your kids clamoring to spend more and more time outside later and later and LATER thanks to Spring-ing Forward?

Mine are.

With the longer days and warmer weather there are more bike rides and walks, more trips to the park, beach and zoo and with these trips and rides and fun – come more owies, boo-boos- hurts.

Every spring I update my all-in-one first aid kit for my car.

I thought that I’d share the contents of my first aid kit with y’all –
• multiple colors/themes/characters and sizes of band aids
• mini cleaning wipes packages
• spray antiseptic
• meat tenderizer (what? We live near the beach, where there are beaches, there are jellyfish)
• Vinegar (see above)
• instant cold packs
• Anti itch cream and wipes for bug bites, fire ant stings and mosquito bites
• Mosquito spray
• sunblock
• aloe wipes
• stickers of all shapes and characters (distraction with rewards and choices!!)

Those are just a few of my must have Mobile First Aid Kit. What goes in yours?

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