Fall Chores Kids Can Totally Handle

Ah, fall. What a great season. Until you remember it comes with fall cleaning … and fall leaf raking … and all the other fall to-dos around the house. It quickly becomes a lot of work. So enlist your best helpers: your kids!

Back in the day, when most people lived on farms, people had kids not just to build a family, but also to get work done. Kids fed animals, mended and washed clothes, helped take care of younger siblings and just generally contributed to the homestead.

Life’s a lot different now, but maybe those parents were onto something. Don’t get me wrong – I think kids should be free to have fun. I value boredom and think it encourages ingenuity and creativity. We want our kids to live a life of happiness, filled with opportunities for growth and a healthy dose of boredom … but also hard work. Life isn’t all fun and games forever, and they’re going to need some grit for when they grow up. Plus, doing their own chores gives them a sense of independence, and helping mom around the house makes them feel like a valued member of the (best) team. And then there’s that part about you getting the help you need to check all those fall chores off the list.

With summer behind us and cooler months approaching, here are a few fall chores kids can handle:

The Outside World

The kids can be a huge help when it comes to outdoor fall chores. Have them help you get the yard ready for the coming season by raking leaves, cleaning patio furniture and sorting summer toys for mom or dad to store. And pull weeds and turn soil!

Down to the Last Detail

Teach kids to pay attention to the details by having them help you with fall cleaning! Kids can help deep clean a commonly ignored area of the home, like windowsills and floor corners.

Bouncing Off the Walls

Have kids channel their high energy into cleaning power. Little kids can help dust baseboards while older kids wipe down walls.

Dust Busters

Kids of all ages can help with this, and not just during the fall! They don’t even need spray cleaner if you’ve got microfiber clothes to pick up dust on tables, shelves and bannisters.

Room for Improvement

Young kids can learn to make their beds every day; older kids can be tasked with cleaning out their closet, putting away summer clothes and getting out fall clothes, tidying their desk, and bagging up clothes to donate.

Wash Up

From sorting dirty clothes to folding clean clothes, think of all the steps involved in doing laundry and assign some of them to your kids.

Kitchen Duty

Kids can help mom by cleaning and storing fresh produce, cleaning counters, washing dishes, loading the dishwasher and putting dishes away. Fall’s also a good time to give your kitchen cabinets a wipe down and go through your spices, getting rid of the expired stuff. Older kids can help with both!

These are just a few of the many ways kids can help mom with fall chores. How exactly they help depends on their age, and making it fun never hurts either.

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