Being Present as a Parent

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us and a new year to ‘reset’, I’m making a personal resolution to be present. Being a new mom, a homemaker, food blogger, photographer and wife makes little time for anything else. The holidays are always a little more crazy for everyone and because I had so many things going on, it was so hard to slow down and just enjoy Liam and my husband, Logan. I kept saying to myself that I was going to take a little more time to focus on the people that matter most to me by being present in the moments.

People have told me over and over how quickly children grow up, but I never really understood it until I had one of my own. I literally blinked my eyes a few times and Liam is on his way to being one years old. He’s covered so many milestones already, like eating solid food, sitting up on his own and teething!

Whether it’s just taking 1 hour every day to completely give my family 100% of my attention or mentally stepping back from a special moment, like having dinner with my little family to create a mental snapshot that I’ll remember forever, I vow to be more present in 2013.

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