11 Tips for Every Room of the House to Make for Easier Mornings

The kids have 30 minutes before they must be dressed and out of the door, and they’re not even awake yet. A permission slip still waits for you on the table. No lunches are packed. The dog still needs to be taken out. And it’s not even 8 a.m.

Welcome to back-to-school season!

But can we really do this all year? Of course we can — and we’re here to help you make it just a little bit easier. Here are a few 11 tips and tricks for your home to make the mornings a little smoother:

The Kiddos’ Bedroom: Where It All Starts

  1. Have the kids spend just 10 minutes before bed cleaning up their space. If you always run out of time at bedtime, set aside time to get organized as a homework break well before bedtime.
  2. During that time, ask the kids to pick out what they are going to wear the next day (down to the shoes and socks). This avoids the clothing conundrum and saves precious morning minutes.
  3. Keep a fluffy robe in their favorite color or with their favorite character right next to the bed. After all, sometimes the hardest part of the morning seems to be getting the kids out of bed. Did your mother or an older sibling ever say, “get up or I’ll splash cold water on you!”? Go a little easier on your kids with a comfy robe and make leaving the warmth of the covers a little easier.

A Clean Bathroom for Clean Kids

  1. Invest in a small organizer tray that holds their toothbrush, toothpaste and any products they will need in the morning. This keeps everything in a convenient place to grab and to easily hide later, and making this part of the morning routine will help the kiddos build the habit of brushing their teeth.
  2. Save space with over-the-door shoe organizers labeled with all the bathroom essentials (especially if you have girls). These are a lifesaver for hairspray, deodorant and loofahs. Everything has its own slot so it doesn’t get jumbled.
  3. Reuse food jars, like plastic mayonnaise or gelato containers, to corral cotton balls, barrettes, etc.
  4. Plastic bins or utensil organizers from the dollar store can help sort objects in drawers.

Keep it Smooth Sailing in the Kitchen

  1. Set up a kitchen boot camp for the kids, to show them how to help out with dinner!
  2. Set out the lunchboxes and Tupperware or bags on the counter the night before. This will remind you it needs to be packed, and you’ll already have it all handy.
  3. Pack any non-perishables, like whole-grain crackers, ahead of time.
  4. Keep the fridge organized with containers of ready-to-go side items, like individual packs of yogurt (check the label for sugar) or hummus, low-fat cheese sticks, fruit, baggies of sliced carrots or Land O’Frost Deli Snackers, etc. (For extra time-saving, pack lunches for the entire week.)

Your Room — Because You’re Important, Too!

Don’t forget about Mom! Take a couple minutes to use these same tricks for you.

Organize your bedroom and lay out your clothes the night before, too. Now you’ll have more time to help your kids, or just to have a little “me” time for once! Take stock of your bathroom the night before as well.

It might not seem very important, but doing the leg work the night before will ensure a smooth morning and cut down on time spent frantically searching for a matching sock or tearing up the cabinets trying to find something suitable for lunch.

Hey, the above advice won’t magically change your household. If it were only so easy! But hopefully, the advice will just make it easier on you and the kids in the morning. And for moms, easier is always welcomed.

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