The Sense of Summer

We’re finally settling into our favorite season around here: SUMMER!  With the kids out of school and some warm outdoor weather, we’re soaking up the sounds, eats, smells and sights of summer together.  I love that this is the season of making lifetime family memories, whether it be with traveling or just the simple pleasures of the season.

I also love how our senses seem to be heightened in the summer with things we love to remember about this time of year.  Here are some of my favorite senses of summer::

Favorite Summer Smells:

Fresh Mowed Grass

Favorite Summer Sights:

Baseball Games
Firework Displays
Lightening Bugs


Favorite Summer Tastes:

Corn on the Cob
Fresh Berries
Fresh Produce from the Garden
State Fair Food
Homemade Ice Cream

Favorite Summer Sounds:

Kids Playing Outdoors
Cheers from the Stadium

Favorite Summer Feels:

Cool Pool Water
Grass on My Toes
Warm Sunshine

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