Smart Mom: 10 Apps & Gadgets You Need in Your Life

Being a mom is a balancing act, a constant tight-rope walk. And that’s an understatement. Between grocery shopping and making dinner and keeping track of the kids’ homework and practices and extracurriculars, not to mention your own schedule, sometimes it feels impossible. Okay, a lot of times. But you have a secret weapon: technology.

Sure, technology can be a big distraction. But it can also be a huge help to busy moms. Here are 10 apps, websites and generally genius tools that can help you balance it all without losing your mind.

1. Cozi: Family organizing app Cozi is like a mom for mom. Find everyone’s activities and appointments in one place, create and share shopping lists and chores in real time, and store recipes and quickly add ingredients to your grocery list. Even better, you can access and update it from any mobile device or computer.

2. Budget like a boss with this free money managing website (there’s a free app too). Mint has customizable tools that give you a broad view of your financial life and help you set realistic goals.

3. ShopSavvy: All the sales! And instant price comparisons! In one app! ShopSavvy really does make you a savvier shopper, whether you’re looking for deals on clothes or electronics or toilet paper. All you have to do is scan barcodes on the spot or search for what you need, and the app finds the best prices at top retailers and shops nationwide.

4. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner: It’s all the recipes you love cataloged in a super easy-to-use app. Search by dish type, ingredient or prep time. And when you just have no clue what’s for dinner, give it a spin for a random selection of recipes.

5. Take Them a Meal: Speaking of making dinner, simplifies meal coordination with customizable online sign-up sheets. Whether you’re organizing dinner for a new mom or helping a friend or neighbor in need, this website can be a real timesaver.

6. Life360 Family Locator: Quickly locate and communicate with your family. Ever wonder when to start dinner? Or if your kid got picked up? Here’s the answer. You can even set up alerts so you know when they’ve reached their destination safely … or when they went rogue (oh, teenagers).

7. Circle with Disney: Managing screen time is serious business, as serious as your kid’s attitude when it’s time to put the screens away. Circle connects to every device in your home, without having to install special software on any of them, and gives you the power to manage your tween’s screen time and control what kind of content your toddler sees, in real time.

8. InstantPot: It’s a multi-cooker that does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan and warming pot. It’s seven kitchen tools in one, and it gets thousands of rave reviews for a reason.

9. Happy Kid Timer: This free app turns mornings with your kids into fun and games, and guides them through all the steps it takes to just get out the door: waking up, making their beds and brushing their teeth, for starters.

10. Netflix: It’s no secret that staying in helps you stay on budget, and streaming services like Netflix can be an affordable alternative to cable packages. And another thing about Netflix … it’s proof that even with so much technology at our fingertips, there’s still nothing quite like watching a good old movie together.

These aren’t the only 10 ways technology can help you be a better mom, but they’re a great start. You’re so smart mom.

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