Photo Bomb: Five Reasons Moms (Yes, You!) Need To Be In Holiday Photos

As the holiday season gets underway, moms of every generation are busy planning and prepping for memories a family can cherish for years to come. It’s one of the reasons I love this season so much.

My friends, my mom, my family are all, in their own way, preparing to curate a season of joy and togetherness. And once the big day arrives, moms everywhere pick up their camera to document the experience so that their children can one day look back at their childhood with happiness.

Be Present in the Moment

But where are we in those memories? If you’re anything like me, you aren’t in the pictures. Instead, you’re behind the camera or busy preparing. You “haven’t put on your makeup yet” or “want to focus on the kids’ joy.”

Or maybe you “feel too plump this year” or “have noting festive to wear”. I’ve said all those things and more, but after finding this image of me with my babies from a couple Christmases ago, I vowed to change the rhetoric this holiday season.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Moms Need to be in Holiday Photos, although I’m Sure There are Many More

1. We’re only this young once

I love to look at old holiday photos and think about my family members when they were my age, especially my own mother. I love to look at her style, facial expressions or figure; her fullness radiates youth. I know she hates taking photos, still to this day, but I cherish each one that I have.

So when I took a moment out of my day to really look at this image of me, not only do I see how precious and little my babies once were, but I also notice how young I look too. Each year we get to celebrate the holidays with our families is a gift and pictures help us cherish them a bit more.

2. We’re a model, whether you think so or not

Allison Tate, mother of four, wrote on the Huffington Post, after a year of actively staying in the picture with her kids, “I could tell [my kids] felt that I was more engaged, more a part of these memories.

It’s important to me to model this to my daughter, who watches everything I do and mimics me in a way my sons never did. But in some ways it is even more important to me that I model this for my sons, whom I am hoping to teach how to view, value and treat women and mothers.”

3. We deserve recognition

The above photo also reminded me of another holiday fact: I worked really hard to make Christmas a beautiful and joyous occasion for my family! This photo serves as a reminder that, after all the cooking and decorating, I can be proud that traditions were kept alive and my family was happy during the holidays.

4. We’re making a statement

Pictures aren’t passive parts of life that are easily discarded; they’re statements about the way we once lived and the things we found important

When we take pictures with our families, we’re saying that we’re relevant. We’re placing value on your input to the story. We’re documenting our smiles or the way we look at our kids. We’re offering our children a tangible way to recall the nuances of who we are.

5. We’re an important part of this story

Not only are you in the story, but as a matriarch, you are so incredibly important. Surely, we can’t do this alone, but I lament over the fact that, although there are many images of my husband with our children that holiday season, this is the single picture I have of me.

As this holiday season gets underway, I vow to be in more pictures. I promise to make the effort to ensure my image is captured alongside the people that I love most. And not just for them, but to remind myself that I am also present and worthy of being remembered.

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