New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

It’s January 1st and you’ve got resolutions and this, THIS is the year you’ll stick to them. All of them. Until next week, when you’ve already given up on half of them. And you’re feeling pretty bad about it. How can you expect your kids to stick to their resolutions if they see you failing at keeping yours?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, mom. You CAN make resolutions you can keep. It’s all about being realistic and not putting too much pressure on yourself. Here are some New Year’s resolutions you can keep for real.

Tech-Free Tuesdays

Instead of giving up all screen time on weeknights, try Tech-Free Tuesdays. It doesn’t even have to be a Tuesday necessarily. Just pick a day to put down the devices and have some good old-fashioned fun with your family. If unplugging for a full 24 hours isn’t an option because of a job or anything else, even a few hours a night once a week without any tech can be beneficial.

Cut Back Instead of Cutting Out

Instead of cutting every single granule of processed sugar out of your diet, try cutting out a specific thing you eat a lot of that has a high processed sugar content, or save it for certain days. For me, it’s ice cream! I can’t give it up completely (are you out of your mind?), but I can give it up until the weekends. I know that when my week is hard, I have a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip waiting for me on a Friday afternoon.

Cooking More

We all set our goals high on this one with the, “I’ll cook EVERY night!” Then soccer comes … and football … and did I mention ballet? So instead, I say let’s adjust our goals to, “I’ll cook four nights a week … and three of those nights will be slow cooker meals!” Why? Because I can prep those the evening before, when I actually have a minute to myself.


Drinking more water is on my list every year. Do I accomplish it? Sometimes. Here’s my trick: I get a 3-gallon jug of water at the store (this costs me about $2 a week), and I give myself two days to finish each one. I use a marker to draw a line at the halfway mark on the gallon, so I know how much I’ve had.

Have Patience

We all want to be more patient … with our kids, with our spouse, with ourselves. This year, I’m giving myself grace when I don’t do so well. I am doing the “3 for 1” rule. Every time I lose my patience when I shouldn’t have, I give that person three ups. That means I tell them three things they are doing well, three positives. Just think of it as a way to make up for losing your patience.

A bucket is filled drop by drop. Don’t expect miracles overnight and don’t aim for the moon if you aren’t okay landing on the stars.

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