How to Beat the Heat

Keeping cool while living in a hot and humid place requires a little creativity when summer rolls around. You don’t need to invest money building a pool or have an outrageous electricity bill — you just need a few tips to help you beat the heat!

Hydrate. Water is your best friend during hot summer days. Drinking it will keep you hydrated, but it can also be used to cool down by taking a little dip.

Protect. No one wants to deal with sunburn. Protect skin by applying sunscreen regularly. Also, wear cover-ups, hats and sunglasses.

Get wet. Suit up, and get ready to get wet! Purchase a cheap kiddie pool, fill it up, and have some fun in the backyard. No pool? Just turn on the sprinklers to enjoy some soaking action.

Drive around. My grandparents have told me stories about living in the old days and not having air conditioning in their houses during the summer. To get relief, they’d take a drive to cool off. Try it! It could be a matter of just rolling the windows down and letting the breeze in or blasting the air conditioner to get cool. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it’ll leave everyone feeling cooler and more comfortable.

Take a field trip. Visit the grocery store, movie theater or your favorite clothing store! The buildings are typically kept cool, and you can knock out some shopping while you enjoy the cold. It’s a win-win situation.

Observe. Knowing when enough is enough is important so no one overheats or gets overexposed due to extreme heat. Monitor how you and your family are feeling, and take breaks often.

Enjoy cool treats. Take a break from summer fun, and enjoy treats like frozen berries, smoothies, milkshakes, popsicles or glasses of iced tea.

There are a lot of fun, safe and inexpensive ways to stay cool. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach or lake, visit often to keep cool all day. Whatever you do, just take steps to stay safe, beat the heat and have fun!

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