Home Organization Hacks That Will Make Mom’s Life Easier

A clean home can help settle the soul, especially when it’s inhabited by one or more children. When they cause chaos, your home provides order – if you let it.

The best investment I made was a bed that had four huge drawers that were the full width of the bed, two on each side that met in the middle. While these are pricey, there is simply no good substitute for additional storage. And storage is the first kind of hack we’ll explore.

It’s All About the Container

Size it up ahead of time, measure twice and shop once. Get containers that fit just right for maximum storage. They can go anywhere, from bathroom cabinets, under the bed, kitchen cupboards and in closest. Then label away!

Can’t get a bed with built-in drawers? Not to worry – you don’t have to miss out on this prime real estate. Get some clear plastic under-the-bed storage boxes that will allow for easy viewing and a tidy bedroom! Invest in a simple bed skirt if you wish to not have the plastic bins open to the viewing eye.

Next, consider glass kitchen storage dishes! Yup, the cooking dishes your mom used when YOU were a kid. I love this one because not only can you bake in them, but they come with lids and are stackable. We have all pulled out a dated container to find a foul-smelling (sometimes moldy) meal that just ends up in the garbage – what a waste! Since they are clear, it allows you to easily know what kind of leftovers you have on hand, which means less food waste and faster dinners!

Say Your Goodbyes, Clear Clutter

Yes, those old magazines you were planning to read last year look so miserably unread on your coffee table. But let’s be honest – you probably won’t read them. Recycle them, and send them on their way to become toilet paper or something. But get them out of your house and clear up the clutter!

Seriously, you still have that dress and those shoes? If you haven’t worn it in over two years (I’m being generous here), 99.9 percent chance you’re never going too. No, you aren’t going to wear it “that one time you go to…” Let someone else find a use for it by donating it to Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Bulky hangers demand too much space. One of the best investments you can make is in some “ultra-thin, velvet or plastic hangers.” You can hang up so much more, and the velvet helps keep your clothes on the hanger. This is super helpful when you’re working with narrow margins and need to pull out specific pieces of clothing. Did you know vacuum bags come in shapes and sizes for gowns, winter coats and dress wear? You can hang them up and seal them when the seasons change – this also helps keep things clean and dust free.

Little Ones and Their Little Things

Their toys – they’re multiplying! Tiny toys and tiny toy accessories can be found everywhere from sofa cushions to behind the toilet (I don’t even want to know how it got there)! You know you’ve got to do something about it when you’re hopping around the house like the floor is hot lava and holding back profanities after stepping on Legos or Barbie’s high heel again.

Two words: shoe organizers. They are cheap and such an easy way to keep your little one’s little stuff off the floors! Label each section to make for tidier clean-up time, too.

The Pantry and Kitchen

Chip clips! It’s fun to say and even more fun to use! They help keep your bagged goodies in the bag and your food fresher longer. Find the kind you love best. For me, it’s the wired metal version, which seems to have the tightest grip. I always pack a few for vacations and road trips to help prevent spills and crumbs all over the car.

Chip clips with magnets can be used to hold essential things like invitations, calendars, or other documents you don’t want to forget. Throw them on the side of the fridge and save space in your drawers!

Convert to Digital

What to do with all that paper laying around your house? Scribbled notes, loose leaf with passwords, phone numbers and everything else you couldn’t remember?

Two words that will immediately reduce the amount of paper laying around: Google Drives. It’s free, it’s easy and it saves everything literally as you type.

All you need is a Gmail account (it’s free) and you are good to go. Start getting those important notes, memos and passwords into one safe place. It’s organization made super simple!

Now we’re not recommending you store all of your most personal information on a Google Drive word document, but you can password protect anything you create, and you can determine who has access to it.

I bet your mind feels clearer already! Now just put the next steps into action by cleaning up your space and implementing some of these simple mom hacks into real life.

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