Surviving Holiday Travel With Family

With the holidays approaching, there also comes travel. I have to admit, it’s the one thing about the holidays that I absolutely dread. Every Thanksgiving we head to Pittsburgh, PA which is about a 10 hour drive for us from Rhode Island. It’s not always an easy drive with 4 boys. The poor little guys can’t stand sitting for that long. My husband and I have had to get a little creative on our trips in thinking of ways to keep the boys occupied and having fun.

If you’re going to be heading out on the road this holiday season, here are some of our family’s “favorite things to do” (even if you’re at an airport or train station) while we’re on-the-go:

1. I Spy. It’s amazing how many times you can play I Spy. The boys never get tired of it. “I spy with my little eyes something…” it’s such a fun game to play. Our sons try and think of the funniest and craziest things to “spy.”

2. License Plate Game. Since the boys know their letters, we’ve been playing the License Plate Game. You start with the letter “A” and work your way down. I don’t know if we’ve actually ever made it through the whole alphabet, but the boys have so much fun looking at the cars going by and trying to find the letter we “need.”

3. Picnic Game. We go around the car asking what’s the one thing you would pack on a picnic… the catch is, you need to designate a letter of what that item must be. You always start from the beginning of the alphabet and then work your way down. So… if goes… I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing an APPLE. And then the next person repeats the apple and then think of a “B” word. Since the boys are still a little on the young side, I help them remember what everyone has said. Mostly I just get excited to see if they can think of a word that starts with the letter I designate them.

4. COLORING. My sons love to color. What I’ve been doing before each trip is heading to Target and stocking up on crayons, coloring books and blank paper. I also buy a tackle box from the fishing department and just toss all the crayons inside there. It’s a great way to transport everything. This way the boys can color and have some fun on their own along the way.

5. Singing in Rounds. I used to love doing this as a child! My mom would always start with “Row, Row, Row your boat…” and then my sister and I would chime in. It used to be so cool to see if we could get through the round without laughing or stopping. My sons William and Alex love to do this with the song, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” It’s another way to pass the time, and it makes the boys laugh out loud!

6. Reading. If you don’t get too carsick, this is a great activity to do. I bring along a ton of books with us, and then I read the books to the boys along the way. My older sons have been into the Magic Treehouse books, so I’ve been bringing those along. My sons have loved listening along.

7. There’s always the good old standby of Nintendo DS and LeapFrog products… these handheld games have saved us many times, too!

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