Get Your Home Organized with Our Quick & Easy Hacks

With four kids in our house, I love having an organized home. If we weren’t organized, I’m pretty sure the chaos and clutter would be through the roof (and so would our levels of stress). For our family, the key to keeping it together is finding the best, most quick, most efficient way to organize the house.

I’ve turned some of the above experiences with my family into the following tips. They should give you some new ideas to help you get your house more organized.

1. Designate a homework station – and build one for $12!

My kids used to do their homework at the kitchen table, but with distractions surrounding them, we designated a room as the homework station for their study time. Now they go into this room to get to work. It is quiet, it is well lit and stocked with everything they need. And since our room is just off the kitchen, I can be there in a second. The desk above was created using two $6 tops. We added a basket at the end to hold up the one side of the desk, but the other side is built right into the wall.

2. Make a simple scarf saver

If you have a lot of scarves, take circular, plastic shower curtain rings and put them onto a hanger. You’ve just made yourself a semi-homemade scarf holder!

3. Save space in the kitchen

In the kitchen, we use a magazine holder to hold our foil, wax paper and box of sandwich bags. They can all be placed vertically in the magazine holder and can fit in the cabinet under the sink. It’s a perfect space saver!

4. Wrangle spray bottles into one spot

If you don’t have young kids, you can hang your spray bottles of cleaner on a tension-rod under the kitchen cabinet. If you do have kids, do this in your pantry (up high). This approach has made finding cleaners so easy and keeps them from cluttering their storage space!



5. (Nail) polish your keys

We make our keys easy to recognize by painting them with nail polish. Now everyone in the family can tell which key goes to which door, car or house. It makes finding the right key easy for everyone.

6. Cut out cord confusion

Organize your cords (computer, phones, tablets) when they’re not in use with the sandwich tabs that come on your loaf of bread. Write on the tabs with a permanent marker so you remember which device goes with which cord. Another way to organize the cords, especially larger and longer ones, is by putting them inside of an empty toilet roll. Don’t forget to identify what each cord is for here as well.



7. Show off small items

Use mason jars to store things in the garage or pantry. You can see what’s inside and it’s out of the way because you are hanging it.  We use it to hold nuts, bolts, nails & screws.  My husband keeps it nailed right under his workbench, so it is out of the way.

8. Use knobs instead of hooks

Hang drawer knobs on your entry way wall, for an easy and decorative place to hang purses or coats.


towel caddy

9. Put towels in a basket

Use window baskets made of wicker to hold your bath towels. Hang them up with some pretty hooks and then placed your rolled towels into the baskets. You can use different size baskets for the different sized towels. You can even use one for toilet paper!

10. Think out of the box

Store your garbage bags on a dowel rod so you can easily get a bag when you need one. This makes it easy and accessible for everyone and eliminates the need to dig into a box each time.

11. Create a carrying case for cleaning supplies

Put all of your cleaning supplies in a toolbox, without a lid. This makes it simple to carry everything you need from room to room. You can even use a paint bucket with a handle. Keep your paper towels, sprays and wipes in this carrying case for easy convenience. You can even have separate buckets for different areas of the house.



12. Stash your toothbrushes (safely)

Instead of keeping your toothbrushes out in the open, where they can collect more germs, or putting them all together in a cup (germs, again), try putting them into a silverware organizer and storing it in a drawer. This is an easy way to organize toothbrushes.

13. Reuse boxes to store bags

Instead of just throwing them into a cabinet, keep plastic grocery bags organized by putting them into empty tissue boxes. You can just push them in there until the box is full. We have multiple boxes stacked on top of one another. So we can grab more when we need it. We even keep one in the car for when we go somewhere and need a bag. With four kids, this happens even more than you think.

14. Try the sheet/pillowcase trick

Sheets can easily get separated from their set in linen closets. Place the sheets in the pillowcase to keep your linen closet organized. We do this in our house and it also makes it easier to change out a set of bed linens. And if you’ve ever done this in the middle of the night, you know how valuable this becomes.

15. Win the game of storage

Take your board games out of their boxes and put them into plastic drawers. Then label each drawer with the game it contains. This makes it easy to grab a drawer, play the game and put it back. It’s a great way to win the game of keeping them all organized.

16. Give kids easy access

Place kids bowls and plates in a location where they can have access to them easily. We try to keep them within reach for the kids so they can be more independent. They still have to ask us if they can have a snack. But at least now they can get it by themselves when we say “yes”.

17. Repurpose crates & pallets

Crates and painted pallets can be repurposed as wall shelves. Nail the bottoms of them to the wall, so they almost look like they are sideways. Now you can use it as a shelf with a top.  You can use it to hold shoes, purses or whatever you might need. This works great in the garage for a rustic, organized look.

18. Go over the door to organize winter items

Store gloves and winter hats in organizers that hang over-the-door during the winter months. You can keep it on your door to the garage and everyone will always be able to find what they need. Tip:  Make sure that the matches go back into the same place when they are done, or you will be left with mismatched gloves on the next snow-day!

19. Keep it on hand, but hidden

Use an ottoman with hidden storage to hold and organize games, blankets, extra pillows and more. No one will know that you have kid’s toys in there and the house will always look clean!  This is our favorite “secret” in our house, when people say “Wow!  You have four kids?  It looks so clean

20. Make a dress box

When you are organizing the playroom, have a “toy box” that is ONLY for costumes and dress up items. This will make clean-up time a breeze, as they can just throw their costumes into the ‘Dress-Up Box’.

21. Start small when organizing

All in all, the best thing that you can do is to find what works for you. If that means having a kitchen drawer filled with hair supplies because you fix your daughter’s hair during breakfast… do it!  You just have to do what works for you and for your family. And don’t try to reorganize everything at once. Just try one or two tips and go from there.

Organizing can seem like a big task to accomplish on an already long to do list. But by identifying one or two places to start, you’ll be amazed by the impact even little changes can make on your daily life. And you’ll be inspired to do more.

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