Five Essential Phone Apps for Families

Phones don’t always have to signify antisocial behavior. There are many apps that can be beneficial to your family and a great resource to make your lives easier while still maintaining a good balance of family time and productiveness. Take some time to try out a few of these recommended family-oriented phone apps.

  1. Wunderlist: This free app is a great list keeper available on Apple, Android and your computer’s browser. Share lists with friends or family, and easily mark things off your to-do lists. The best feature of this app is the community grocery list. Family members can add things they need, then you can easily access the list on your phone at the grocery store.
  1. Zubie: This app works as a person and car locator, as well as a car diagnostic device. Easily keep track of your family member’s locations, and if you have teenagers, you can even track their driving speed, hard brakes and rapid accelerations. This app requires the purchase of a subscription and comes with an onboard diagnostics port device.
  1. Potty Chart: For those of you with little ones, this app is an excellent way to help potty train them. It has a star tracking system, a help center for parents and water sounds to encourage potty use. This app is very affordable at $2.99.
  1. Speed Charades: A great interactive game for the entire family, Speed Charades is played just like the traditional charades. The app will keep score, time and will support up to four teams, all for $1.99.
  1. Print Studio: Print photos straight from your phone quickly and easily. You can order prints, framed prints, greeting cards and photo books. That way, you can always be on top of all of your trips, outings and memories. The app is free, and you just pay for your prints.

With these five apps, you’ll have organized grocery lists, the ability to track your teenagers, potty train your little children, have quality family game time and print all of your memories. What could be better? The apps will be a source of your happiness and allow more time to collaborate with your family.

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