Family Game Night: 7 Top Board Games Your Kids Will Love

Our love for board games started the day my husband’s aunt gifted us a few board games for our wedding. Young and broke, we relied on these for our evening date night activity. Now with two kids, we find board games are a way that we can still all connect together in a meaningful way without spending a lot.

Here are seven of our favorite games we have played and loved over the years and why I think your family will love them too!


Ticket to Ride: Fun strategy competition

Ticket to Ride, hands down, is our family’s favorite game. In this game, you are given tickets to make train routes to secret destinations that you try to build by making your way around the board.

For each destination you complete, you receive points. For each destination you don’t finish, you must deduct points. The challenge arises when your opponents are also trying to get to their destinations, blocking you from where you need to get, or even blocked purposely as a strategy technique. We take this game to our friend’s houses for game nights and it is always a hit with young and old alike! (Age Recommendations- 8 and up)

twister_top_family_board_gameTwister Hopscotch: A new twist on an old classic

Twister Hopscotch is a great game to keep in your collection for snowy days because it is still a physical activity, but can be done indoors. The game consists of different colors of rings that can be made into a formation.

Just like regular Twister, you give it a spin to figure out your color, hop to your circle, and then do the required “silly” activity. It is a great game for preschoolers because they can create patterns; it also helps with color recognition, and coordination. (Age Recommendations- 4 and up)

boss_monster_top_family_board_gameBoss Monster: Card game for teens

Do you see teen boys getting excited about anything that isn’t a video game? I mean ever? My son absolutely loves Boss Monster and it has helped break up our screen time to have this in our arsenal.

Boss Monster is a standalone card game that challenges 2-4 players to become videogame-style villains and build deadly side-scrolling dungeons. Players compete to see who can lure and destroy the most adventurers. But beware! You must make your dungeon as dangerous as it is attractive, or the puny heroes might get you first! It’s pixel-illustrations are so awesome and this one is a huge hit in our house! (Age Recommendations 13 and up).

Apples2Apples_top_family_board_gameApples to Apples: Silly fun for everyone

If you have not played Apples to Apples before, you are really missing out on a treat. It is my new favorite game to tote around to all of our family functions and any opportunity where I can get a few friends together.

Simply deal the cards out to each player and one person gets to be the judge. The judge will share a card and you select from your cards the best match to that card. Once everyone has given their card to the judge, the judge decides which card best fits the card they shared.

The fun is in the variety of unexpected comparisons people make, sometimes apt, funny, creative, or simply absurd. For example: people might match “Awkward” with “Oil Spills,” “My First Kiss,” “Dandruff,” and “Gold Chains. ” Or: “Painful” with “High School Reunions” and “Regis Philben. ” Strategy comes into play since, because each player takes turns being the judge, you begin to pick up on the preferences of each player and tailor your choices accordingly.

Honestly, if you find yourself hosting a dinner party where you are worried about conversation or a family gathering that you don’t have very much in common with, this is the game to break out to get through those awkward silences. Kid versions of this game are also available. (Age Recommendations- 12 and up)

Skip_Bo_top_family_board_gameSkip-Bo: Classic card game

Skip-Bo was my favorite game growing up. My sister and I would play this for hours and hours. Created by the makers of UNO, this card game is a delight for all ages. The game is a sequencing game of skill and strategy intended for two players or more and ages seven and up.

Skip-Bo players create sequential stacks with cards on the board, the first player to use all the cards in their stack wins. The deluxe edition has a board with placeholders for all of the stacks of cards and score sheets to keep tabs of the winners. I love this game because it is easy to still have conversations while playing, making it a great game to socialize with other couples.

trouble_top_family_board_gameTrouble: A popping good time

Trouble is a great game for younger kids because it is a very simple concept and the playing time is perfect for shorter attention spans. Adults may remember this great game from their childhood.

With this game, you just move your four pegs around the board and put them into the finish spots. If you land on an opponent’s peg while going around the board though, you can boot them back to the beginning and make their piece start all over again. Instead of rolling dice, you push the “Pop-o-matic,” in the center which throws the dice for you. My kids really love this game and you will too! (Age Recommendations- Ages 4-9)

yahtzee_top_family_board_gameYahtzee: Roll the dice

Yahtzee is a classic game of dice that has been around since 1956 and is still played in millions of homes today. You can play alone (which I don’t think would be as much fun) or with more players. The ultimate in this game is to actually get Yahtzee or five of a kind. This game is so much fun and also a great teaching tool for children. Children can learn basic addition and subtraction, as well as sequential ordering. (Age Recommendations- 8 and up)

These are just my top favorites, there are board games for all interests and ages. You should check them out for some unexpected, and cheap, family fun.

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