Budget-Friendly Winter Fun Every Kid Needs to Have

Sledding! Ice skating! Making snow angels! Snow days and snow in general are a lot more fun when you’re a kid, aka when you don’t have to drive the icy roads … and sit in the traffic that snow always seems to bring. So let the kids enjoy the snow now, before they grow up and it stops being so fun.

Bitterly cold days are also a great time to head indoors and check out your local museums, go bowling, try rock climbing (check your local coupon sites for deals), the list goes on and on. Here’s the kind of winter fun every kid needs to have.

Jack Frost … Junior

Even when there isn’t a lot of snow, you can build a snowman. If Elsa can make snowmen out of thin air in “Frozen,” you can make one out of a few inches of snow, right? If there’s not enough for a kid-sized snowman, make a mini snow family! Make a bunch of mini snowballs and use them to build tiny snow people on the railing of a porch or deck. Cut hats from cardstock and tape them to toothpicks so you can stick them on. Use a piece of ribbon to make a scarf, toothpicks for arms and legs, raisins for eyes, and cut a carrot into slivers for a nose.

It’s Showtime

The kids can put on a puppet show, or dress up in outfits (mom and dad’s clothes are perfect for this!) and play make believe. Or let their creativity run wild and help them make costumes using paper plates, string, paper bags, etc.

Camp Out … in Your Living Room

Camping inside turns your living room into a whole new adventure land. Cook hot dogs, make s’mores and have fun! You can camp in the middle of the day, too. We usually start in the afternoon and camp out until bedtime, when the kids still go to their beds to sleep. We pretend to hike, we pretend to fish and we just have fun “caamping!”

Into the Snow

If you asked our 8-year-old what he wanted to do right now, he would say “Take a bike ride.” When it’s too cold for a bike ride, we bundle up and take a walk, or go for a hike at a local park. Look for treasures like stones and leaves. You can even make it a math lesson by taking rulers and measuring things.

Piece of Cake

Who doesn’t love to bake when it’s cold outside? Make a simple chocolate chip cookie dough and add some extras, like sprinkles, M&M’s and icing. Or make cupcakes and let the kids decorate them for Cake Wars (mom’s the judge, so you better behave!).

Rock Out

If your kids are anything like mine, they’re always looking for things to create, and rocks are the perfect blank canvas (mine paint them). Take a bucket, a shovel and your kids, and go on a rock hunt to collect new art supplies.

Game On

Hey, our kids might think we’re dull and boring now, but we knew all the cool games way back when. Get your kids involved in games like Red Light/Green Light and Red Rover. Let them chase you in a game of tag. Give them a run for their money (and their heart!).

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to give kids unforgettable memories, and the winters of their childhood are sure to make them smile years down the road. You know, when they’re stuck in traffic because of snow.

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