9 Holiday Hacks: Get Your House Holiday-Ready With Our Favorite Time-Saving Tips

Holiday hacks are perfect for making life just a little bit easier!  We gathered some of our favorites from around the web to save you time and help make your house beautiful for the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. O’Tannenbaum cupcakes

  2. Better Homes & Gardens’ secret to the tall cupcakes? Add ice cream cones and frosting to turn them into holiday trees.

  3. Tangle-free lights

  4. Here are two ways to pack your lights at the end of the holiday season that will make sure they stay tangle free for next year. I use a cereal box. Just flatten a cereal box and wrap the lights around it. Be sure to tape the beginning and end of each light strand to the box with tape. Or just wrap each light strand around a plastic hanger to keep them from getting tangled. This also offers you a unique way to store them.

  5. Fill it out with tinsel

  6. Use shiny green tinsel to make your Christmas tree look fuller. Fill in the sparse areas of the tree with the tinsel.

  7. Celebrate gingerly

  8. String your gingerbread cookies together by poking holes in them when they are still warm.
    Holiday garland made of gingerbread men

  9. Get organized

  10. Before packing up this year, buy containers that are the same size for easy stacking. Make sure you get a box for each room you decorate.

  11. Countdown with muffin tins

  12. Countdown to the holidays with a 24-cup muffin tin. Cut circles from adhesive magnet strips to cover each cup. Number them accordingly and add fun trinkets, candy and notes behind each number to surprise your kids each day. Hang on a wall with festive ribbon.
    Muffin tin holiday calendar

  13. Fancy cookie holders

  14. Turn foil boxes into cookie holders. Just paint the box and layer the inside with tissue paper first, like AuntPeaches did on her page.
    Colorful, handmade holiday cookie gift boxes

  15. Hot chocolate fun

  16. Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes for your hot chocolate.
    Cup of hot cocoa with heart-shaped marshmallow

  17. A great smelling season

  18. There are a few ways to freshen up your home with smells of the season. You can hide cinnamon pinecones in the rooms you want to scent, or put balsam or cedar oil on your tree or an ornament to give your house that new real tree smell.

No matter how you decorate or pack up, the most important tip is to enjoy the season! Stop and look around. Soak in the decorations and appreciate the time that it took everyone to prepare them. Happy Holidays!

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