5 Classic Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Do you remember summers from when you were a kid? Electronics weren’t a focus. There wasn’t Minecraft or Just Dance 3.  The Cartoon Network wasn’t on, so cartoons 24 / 7 weren’t really an option either. Summers were all about using your imagination and spending as much time outdoors as possible!

I’ve gathered five “must do,” classic activities that I remember loving as a kid and have put them on our “summer bucket list” for my kids to experience too!

  1. Slip n’ Slide:  Slip n’ Slides have sure come a long way… but no matter how advanced they get, they are still classic fun! For a great variation, use a tarp and spray it with shaving cream for the kids to slide down.
  2. Play flashlight Tag: Is there anything more fun than staying up past bedtime during the summer, then hiding out in the dark and playing flashlight tag with friends? This classic game is one of a kind and is perfect for those warm, summer nights under the moon.
  3. Catch Fireflies / Lightening Bugs:  Get your ventilated glass jars ready… this is the best time of year to hunt down and catch fireflies or lightening bugs!  See who can capture the most, but remember to let them back out before the night is through.
  4. Dance Off: I used to spend just about every afternoon of the summer on my back porch with neighbors having dance parties. My mom would bring out the record player and would play some of our favorite tunes and we’d dance, dance, dance! Show your kids that dance parties can be fun, even without the video game.
  5. Classic Outdoors Games: Three legged races, gunnysack runs and Red Rover seem to be a thing of the past. I think it’s time to revive these old favorites so our kids can see how such simple activities can provide hours of fun!

So what do you think? Let’s simplify summer and bring back the classic backyard fun for our families! There’s no better time to bring back the classics than now.

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