18 Halloween Costumes You Can Make with Stuff You Already Have at Home

Every year, we vow to make our kids a cool Halloween costume — and then suddenly it’s Oct. 30. We’re scrambling around the house or rummaging through closets for last year’s costume. Kids are whining, the mom guilt sets in. I know the feeling way too well!

But not this year, Mom.

Below are quick ideas that you can use to plan a cute costume for the kiddos based on what you probably already have right at home.

Now you can come through as Super Mom without having to spend a bunch of cash:

  1. Cowboy and Cowgirl

  2. Throw on a plaid shirt, jeans, pigtails and a $1 costume mustache, and you have the most adorable cowboy/cowgirl costume this side of the Mississippi as ever seen.

  3. Harry Potter

  4. Grab your kid’s suit jacket from his school uniform or church clothes, slap on glasses (or sunglasses with the lens popped out) and draw a lightning bolt on his forehead. Boom — Harry Potter.

  5. Jedi Master

  6. Pull out her karate uniform, a light saber and instantly turn your little one into a jedi master.

  7. Frida Kahlo

  8. She’s expressive, beautiful and a positive persona for little girls to harness. Make a simple floral crown, wrap a shawl around her shoulders and don’t forget to use eyeliner to draw in Frida’s iconic eyebrows.

  9. Marathon Runner

  10. Grab your little one’s athletic gear, a water bottle and add a few sweatbands. Draw and pin their favorite number to their shirt, too!

  11. Minion

  12. Our favorite banana lovers also make for an easy Halloween costume. All you need are jeans and suspenders (or overalls), a yellow shirt and beanie, safety goggles from the garage and a few simple details.

  13. Instagram Photo

  14. Using cardboard, create an Instagram silhouette large enough for your kid to showcase they’re glowing filters. And don’t forget a fun caption, too!

  15. Super Mario Brothers

  16. Perfect for the sibling pair, all you need are overalls, red and green shirts and hats. Use simple craft supplies to add the details and makeup to add their brother’s iconic mustaches.

  17. Ballerina Dancer

  18. Leotard, ballet slippers and tights is all you need to make this simple Halloween costume. Look for an easy, no-sew tutu tutorial for added flair.

  19. Cyndi Lauper

  20. Calling all 80s kids! Pull out all the neon, denim, legwarmers and hair crimpers from the back of your closet and introduce your kids to the 80s!

  21. Ladybug

  22. Start with a red outfit and then cut dots out of black fabric to affix all over. Use black pipe cleaner, a regular headband and black craft balls for antennas.

  23. Ghost

  24. This costume is so easy, it’s scary! All you need is a white sheet with holes cut out for eyes and you’re ready for a frighteningly good time.

  25. Mini Scuba Divers

  26. First paint two liters of soda in their favorite color and attach them together using hot glue. Add scuba tanks detail using black electrical tape or silver duct tape. Thread string through small holes so they can wear their “tanks” over their all-black “wetsuit” outfit!

  27. Bundle of Grapes

  28. Attach as many purple balloons that will fit on their little body in a tapered pattern and then affix a felt, green leaf on her head. So delicious!

  29. Princess Leia

  30. White dress, gold scarf as a belt and two hair buns makes a simple and easy princess costume.

  31. Mummy

  32. Black leotard and leggings with toilet paper draped around the body creates an easy mummy costume.

  33. Emoji

  34. With just some cardboard and a few paint colors, you can express your deepest emotions this Halloween. Wear a black or white outfit and hang the emoji over the shoulders with rope.

  35. Lego Costume

  36. Oh the things you can do with cardboard. Using a rectangular box, cut a hole for the head and stick six plastic fruit cups to the outside. Then paint your favorite color!

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