11 of the Cutest Baby Zoo Animals and What You Didn’t Know About Them

Nothing beats a day at the zoo when the kids are home from summer.

But between juggling two kids, a stroller, a handful of toys and that sippy cup, you and the kids don’t have time to see everything.

We’ve done the work for you, Mom. We found photos of 11 of the cutest zoo animal babies to show your kids this summer. You two can scroll through and learn a fun fact or two about each animal, too.

Use this as a guide for what to visit when you’re there, or simply refer to it when your family encounters these adorable animals.

Bengal Tiger Cubs

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Did you know that tigers can have more than 100 stripes, which are much like human fingerprints in that no two tigers are exactly alike?

Brown Bear Cubs

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Despite being a top-of-the-food chain predator, these little guys will grow up to eat mainly nuts, berries, fruits, leaves and roots!

Baby Giraffes

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Giraffes carry their babies for 15 months before giving birth while standing up. Those “knobs” on the top of the giraffes’ heads are called ossicones.

Penguin Chicks

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Did you know that penguins share parenting duties with other penguins in the same colony? The crèche (French) refers to the care of another’s offspring in a colony and it’s what the penguins do!

Lion Cubs

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Did you know lion cubs remain hidden for a month or two before being introduced to the rest of the pride? Then when introduced, they are raised almost entirely by mom while male lions play virtually no paternal role.

Baby Rhinos

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Did you know a baby rhino’s horns — which are made of keratin, not bone — will begin growing in a few months, but it will be years before they’re full-grown?

Baby Alligators

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Did you know a group of small alligators with its mother is called a pod? Sometimes pods will even include baby alligators from other nests!

Baby Elephants

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Ready for this one? Male elephants are called bulls and females are called cows. So naturally, the baby elephant is actually called a calf and it takes a cow (the female elephant, remember?) a whole 22 months to finally deliver her baby!

Baby Monkeys

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Did you know baby monkeys are born a completely different color from the parent, which helps the monkey community to better identify and care for the young?

Baby Chimpanzees

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Fun fact: Chimpanzees are part of the ape species and are NOT monkeys. Want to know how to tell the difference between monkeys and apes? Just look for a tail! Apes don’t have them.

Hippo Calfs

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Female hippos carry their babies for eight months and have just one at a time. The baby, called a calf, can weigh anywhere from 50-100 pounds and will nurse while its mother is on land or even swim under water at times to suckle.

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