Birthday Party Planner — Princess


Arts and Crafts

  • Make your own Princess Hat
    • Buy plain colored party hats and let the kids decorate with glue, glitter, ribbons, etc


Game concepts

  • Frog, Frog, Princess – change the words to “Duck, Duck, Goose”
  • Musical dragons – drape green cloth over chairs and pin a picture of a dragon’s head on each chair. Play musical chairs, but with dragons – works with unicorns as well.
  • Pin the kiss on the frog



  • Crown cake – add sugar cones to the edge of a cake and frost over to look like a crown
  • Great Magic Wands – Pretzel Rods with the top 1/2 dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with fancy sprinkles and colored sugars. Dry them upright in a cup weighted down with dried beans in freezer or fridge.
  • Princess sandwiches – Land O’Frost Premium Ham, Turkey, Chicken and Cheese with whole wheat bread sandwiches cut out with Star and Heart cookie cutters.

Rachel Matthews

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