William’s First Day of School

Screen-shot-2010-09-01-at-2.25.29-PMFirst days of school are never easy… for moms.  My son William had his first day of school (ever) this week, the “big” kindergarten!  As I walked out of school that first day without tears, I surprised myself.  I thought for sure (out of anyone!) my cheeks would be tear-stained and wet.  It was a pleasant surprise, one I didn’t expect.

But then there was DAY 2.  I cried like a baby.

I could tell William didn’t want me to leave.  He held out his hand and asked me to stay until the last mom left.  I saw his bottom lip begin to quiver.  And then he asked me not to leave.  This was something I wasn’t prepared for, just the day before he did fine.  It’s tough because having William the oldest of 4 sons, I think of him sometimes as being much older than he really is.  My little man is only 5… and he still gets nervous about being in new situations… especially when he doesn’t have his brothers with him.

Last night, as we were packing his backpack for school the next day I started thinking about ways I could let him know I was “there” when I really am not.

Here are 5 things I’m going to start doing throughout the school year:

1.  Leave a note in his lunch box.  William can’t 100% read yet, but he definitely knows some words, so I’m going to start writing cute little notes like, “I love you!”  “It’s Friday!”  “Only 13 days till your Birthday!”

2.  His brothers are going to take turns drawing his pictures.  As much as William loves being on his own for the first time in his life, he misses his 3 brothers.  They’re a pack… always have been, always will be.  I’m going to have them draw him a picture every now and then as a fun surprise!

3.  I saw another little girl in this class have this in her backpack, and I loved the idea – include a photo of our family in his backpack.  If William at all gets sad or feels lonely, I’ll tell him to take the picture out and see us.

4.  Everyday as we drop him off, tell him a funny story about him as a baby.  I want to drop him off when he’s smiling and laughing!  I want him to walk into school thinking of something fun and cute and adorable…

5.  I’m going to write 3 things we’re going to do everyday when he gets home from school and have him keep it with him.  They’ll be things we do together, this way he’ll be in the mindset that nothing can happen until he gets home from school… and he’ll be able to concentrate and then be extra excited to see us waiting for him outside!  I’ll even let one thing be every now and then an ice cream sundae!

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