Why Selfies Are Important

We’re living in the digital age where almost every person has access to a camera within seconds. Selfies are popping up on social media every day, whether from your daughter or the latest popular celebrity. No matter the age, every generation has a different reason for taking selfies. Let’s break them down.


Selfies offer a great deal of self discovery at this age and act as a mirror that can freeze time. Through selfies, the youngsters begin realizing that when they move their mouths, they can make silly faces. They’re also growing very knowledgeable when it comes to electronics. My two-year-old knows more about my iPhone than I did the entire first year after I purchased it. Selfies can be a great learning tool at this age or a great distraction during the latest temper tantrum.


Self-expression is important for teenagers. There’s more pressure than ever for them to show their best selves and figure out whom they are. While the multitude of selfies at this age can be overdone and become a little self-obsessed, they can still be a good way for teens to share their unique sides with the world.


Fairly new to the selfie, adults sometimes harness the power of selfies in a more productive way. They use selfies to boost self-esteem or body image potential. From showing off your new figure and tracking weight loss to showing off a new style or pregnancy, selfies can have a positive impact on adulthood.

And who doesn’t like a good mommy and me selfie? It’s a great bonding moment between parent and child, where your faces are cheek-to-cheek and all smiles. If you’re a little challenged when it comes to taking selfies with your kids, try figuring out the angle that works best for getting the both of you in the shot, say a good joke or make a silly face, and snap that selfie!

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