What Moms Really Think About Participation Trophies

It’s a polarizing topic that’s been debated for years. Are participation trophies for kids good or bad? We asked our Land O’ Frost Facebook community, a group consisting of over 74 thousand people.

As expected, the results varied. Many moms participated in the discussion within the comment section, and plenty of sound points were made on both sides.

We compiled responses both for and against participation trophies. The debate was spirited but respectful. After all, this is about the kids. But it’s an interesting discussion and the following are what moms like you had to say:

Pro Participation

  • I’m for it. Everyone wins for not quitting!! – Cathy S.
  • For! Kids don’t want to be left out. They try very hard. – Jen H.
  • I think it’s a good idea for the little ones – say 10 years or below. They are so proud of their trophies! – Karian H.
  • Yes, I am because all kids need encouragement even if they don’t win. – Lisa S.
  • For a few years, they’re great. Let kids learn and have fun. Even if you aren’t good at it at first, you should still want to play. – Karen O.
  • It’s nice to be acknowledged for your effort. Because when you’re an adult, your coworkers are going to steal your gold. – MJ C.

Against Participation

  • They need to grow up with the understanding that you don’t always get rewarded for everything, like just showing up. It never hurt me not to get a trophy or ribbon. I only got what I worked for and won with my hard work. – Patricia B.
  • .. get what you earn. – Kim M.
  • Against, what is happening today is a product of people not knowing how to lose gracefully. Everyone is not a winner, you have to have losers to teach a point. – Shelley C.
  • I’m against the participation trophies. All they do is teach our kids that they should receive things for nothing. I want my son to learn he must work hard and earn what he gets. In life, you don’t get handouts so why teach our children it does? – Saundra D.
  • I’ve taught my children how to handle loss, disappointment, winning, that giving your all is the expectation but not always enough, and sometimes you are not the best all without a participation award. – Wendy R.
  • My kids are in 4-H. They give a participation ribbon to kids five to eight, which they all hate by the time they are six. They want real ribbons and real competition. They learn to lose gracefully, analyze what they did, figure out how to improve by the next contest and when they win it means something. Always earned never given is the motto on our trophy shelf. – Cindy P.

A lot of moms weighed in, far more than we could feature here. See all the responses for yourself by clicking on the Facebook post below:

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