What Makes Milestones So Emotional?

I started my own blog, MomGenerations.com about a year and a half ago. I wanted to connect with other mothers, like me… who were going through the same daily in’s and out’s of motherhood and trying to find the “secrets” to making it all (miraculously) work. I hadn’t been around kids that much throughout my childhood and teenage years. I babysat here and there, but definitely not enough to make me feel qualified to change a diaper! Not to mention, I’m a total girly-girl raising boys. That’s a whole other dimension of me!

When I had my first son William, everything was “by the book.” I remember picking up a few parenting books and quite literally (don’t laugh!) highlighting all the “milestone” dates. You know what I’m talking about… “This is when he should be eating,” “This is when he should be off a bottle,” “This is when he should be down to 1 nap,” “This is when he should be sleeping through the night.” Oh… I remember the stress of those arbitrary dates. I tried my best to stick to everything he “should” be doing… and then, well… we had Alexander 12 months later. And then Benjamin 18 months after Alexander. And then Henry 13 months after Benjamin. 4 boys, all within 4 1/2 years. Dates? Deadlines? Out the window!

Which brings me to a milestone we had this weekend for my 3rd son, Ben. It was the BIG BOY BED milestone! With my son William I hadn’t even contemplated a BIG BOY BED until he was about 3 1/2 years old. I wanted to keep him “safe and secure” as long as possible.

Well, as every seasoned mom will know, when your child is ready for a BIG BOY (or girl!) BED… they’re ready. And well, my Benjamin was ready! It was a little bittersweet packing up his crib. At one point we had 3 cribs up, now we’re down to one. Benjamin’s crib was also the crib I used as a baby, so it was very special seeing him use it. But – as soon as we put up his full-sized bed, he jumped right in with a HUGE smile on his face. Talk about making your heart pitter-patter.

Ben’s been in his bed for 4 nights now. I am so impressed. He doesn’t get out. He doesn’t cry. He just loves being a BIG BOY. And what I have absolutely loved, as I have gone upstairs every night to tuck him in, he is surrounded by his 2 older brothers. As they have told me, “He was scared to be alone, Mommy.” Or… as I know it, it’s now just one gigantic slumber party for my 3 older sons!

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