Unplug To Get Plugged In

We’re all so attached to our devices these days. It’s hard not to take a quick peek at emails while your kids are playing at the park or posting an Instagram of the precious moment when the kids built a sand castle.

Unplugging from your devices while your children are present will help you connect with them better and show them you really care. Trust me, I struggle with this just as much as the next person.

Be Present

I’m not saying to never pull out your camera phone to capture a moment for your scrapbook or not to answer that mid-day phone call from your husband. What I’m saying is don’t spend 24 hours a day on your devices. Detach and live in the moment! Trust me, you’ll remember the time when your child says a two-syllable word for the first time much better if you’re witnessing it with your eyes and not through your phone.

Tips for Easing Into the Unplugged Zone

  • Leave your phone in the car while you’re at the park, so you won’t even be tempted.
  • Between naptimes, shut down your computer (after you’ve browsed Pinterest for some craft ideas) and make something with your child.
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood without your phone. Talk about what you see!
  • Play a board game instead of turning on the television.
  • Make a fort. That always works without electronic devices!

It takes a while to get into a habit, so start slow and practice going to the park or play cars with your little boy without your phone present. It’s refreshing and I bet you and your children will notice the difference and feel better afterward, too.

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