Tips for a Successful First Birthday

I’ve heard from peers that their one year olds get fussy at their parties or don’t even want anything to do with their first birthday cake. That’s the funnest part!

Well, my son turned one a few weeks ago. We had a blast and learned a few things along the way! Hopefully these tips will make your baby’s first birthday enjoyable for everyone.

  • Food. – Make sure your baby is getting enough to eat and on their normal eating schedules. Also, make sure to plan the smashing and eating of the cake at a time when they’re ready for their next meal, so they’ll be more inclined to eat it!
  • Water. – It’s hard to think of the thirst of another person, but make sure to keep your baby hydrated, especially during the cake. All of that sugar and excitement will make anyone thirsty!
  • Sleep – Scheduling the party around the baby’s naptime schedule is really helpful to have a happy baby. No one likes a tired baby!
  • Overstimulation – This is the hardest part to tackle. Everyone will be so excited to celebrate your precious baby and you’ll want the baby to be at their best. However, all of these excitement may be too much for your baby to handle and they may get overstimulated. If you need to, take your baby into a quiet familiar place for a few minutes while he/she regroups.
  • Toys – I’m sure your baby will receive new toys, but make sure you have some of their favorite and familiar toys around to calm them in those crazy moments.

Remember to take lots of photographs and enjoy this great milestone! Your baby is one!

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