Things We’ve Learned the Hard Way this Winter

I never thought I’d be so happy to see rain this past weekend! It washed away a lot of the snow that has been on the ground here in Rhode Island. Not only are my sons craving the spring, I’m literally-wishing-for-warmer-days every single day!

As I have tried to be optimistic, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way.

Lesson #1:
Do not pack away the snow boots until you know for sure there will not be any more snow.

In my rush to wish away the snow, I packed away the snow boots 3 weeks ago. All was well until this past weekend when we got snow, AGAIN! Up to the attic I went to grab the winter snow boot bin. I wasn’t too happy having to bring it back down! My sons got a kick out of the fact that I had already packed everything away.

Lesson #2:
When my sons ask me “How many days till summer?” I respond: don’t count them…

I’m laughing out loud as a type this! My sons asked me to count how many days till summer. When I got to Day #72… I had to stop. It was too much! I’ve been driving the boys past our summer pool club to get everyone excited for the summer, and that’s been helping. But… when we found out how many days till we actually get to be there, the boys BOO’d!

Lesson #3:
Spring coats are not as “tough” as winter coats.

Again, in my rush to wish away the cold weather… I even packed away the heavy, heavy winter coats. The New England weather teased me a bit by bringing 3 days of 50-60 degrees… I took these days as silver linings! Down came the Spring bin and out came the Spring coats. Then… BAM! Cold (freezing) weather. Everything did a quick rotation… I have now learned my lesson not to pack away the hats and/or mittens yet!

Lesson #4
Planning a trip to a warm destination is something that you should every year.

We have a trip planned to Disney for the end of April. This is something I cannot wait to do! I told my husband this past weekend that we need to do this every year. It breaks up the time between now and summer… that perfect middle time when we’re all craving hot sun, and it’s almost here… to take the family away. I think it helps everyone!

Lesson #5:
Snow isn’t all bad!

I know… I know… I shouldn’t complain! My sons have loved the snow throughout the last few months; it’s just that now… we’re ready for the Spring. But! The snow isn’t all that bad. My sons have had a BLAST walking around the yard “discovering” toys that were buried away for the last 7 weeks. We went on a little nature hike this past weekend and found 2 trucks, 1 bucket, 4 Star Wars figures and a soccer ball. My husband and I pretended we were on an expedition!

What have you learned this Winter? What are some of your lessons?

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