The Pros and Cons of Sharing About Your Kids on Facebook

I share a lot about my kids online. You probably do too. A majority of parents share photos and stories about their kids on Facebook on a regular basis. Is it good, or can it cause some problems down the road?

Share & Share & Like
There are a lot of good things about sharing information about your kids on Facebook:

  • It’s a great way to share with friends and family.
  • It’s a pretty neat way to document a child’s life.
  • Who doesn’t like getting comments about how cute your kid is?

But there are some cons as well:

  • In terms of sharing with friends and family, consider your friend list. How many do you have, and how many know your children? Should you really share everything with them?
  • Sure, it’s easy and fun to document your child’s life on Facebook, but there are a lot of other cool, private applications where you can set up photo albums for your child to view for years to come.
  • And the gratification part? It might be gratifying to get some “likes” and a few great comments, but it’s important to think about the future—will your child be grateful when he grows up and sees thousands of pictures and personal stories about him online? Everyone is different, but this is definitely something to think about.

Bottom Line?
So what are parents to do? Just model good behavior, especially while kids are younger and they don’t necessarily have a voice in what you’re doing. They’re watching, so post and share on Facebook in the same way you hope they eventually will when they are old enough to have their own account.

Avoid sharing too much. Share with selected people and opt for special privacy settings. And try to remind yourself that your real identity and value isn’t found on Facebook, but in real-life relationships and a whole bunch of other things beyond online personalities. Model carefully. Share wisely. Share carefully. Find alternatives for sharing about your child’s life, and be sure your child, as he’s growing, sees what you’re doing, so they have a good foundation for learning how to be a smart online user.

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