The Great Chore Debate

Does your child get an allowance for doing chores around the house? Some people feel like a child doing chores should be considered part of their responsibilities while living in the house.

Others feel that chores are a great way to teach a child about money management, and offer an allowance for completed chores around the house.

Regardless of where you fall in the great chore debate, the good news is…you’re right.

Chores You Do…& Chores You Get Paid to Do

In our house we have “expected chores” — things like making the beds and keeping rooms clean — which we expect the kids to do whether they are getting paid or not. Then we have extra weekly chores, for which they do get paid a small amount. Some of those weekly chores include emptying the dishwasher, emptying the trash, cleaning the table after dinner, feeding and watering the dog, etc.

Punch It Up!

Each of my kids has a punch card, and for each day they do all the chores required of them, they get a punch. (I purchased my punch card template from When the punch card is full, they either get a small token of some sort that they have been wanting (stickers, book-order book, etc.) or an agreed upon amount of money for the week. Since I have four children, ranging in ages from four to 12, each one has different needs so we base rewards on ages.

Once paid, they are expected and encouraged to give part of their allowance to charity, another part of it goes into their long-term savings account and the final part can be used to save towards something they’ve been wanting to buy or used however they’d like. It’s a system that has worked really well for us throughout the years.

Get in On the Debate

Everyone has different thoughts about chores, allowances and the various ways of implementing how the process works in their house. This is simply what has worked for our family.

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