Take Us Out to the Ballgame!

Whenever I think of Spring, I think of baseball. We’re HUGE Red Sox fans in our house, so every year when Springtime rolls around, the games begin and the love of baseball is loud and clear in the McClelland household. The thing is … it’s been like this my whole life, even as a child, with baseball and the love of it. The best way to put it, it’s a comforting feeling to me.

Well, baseball has taken on a completely new meaning in my home this Spring.

Oh, yes. Three of the McClelland boys are playing!

I know they’re only 6, 5 and 4, but there are certain things I love about baseball that makes me so excited that they are playing. And, after speaking with other moms whose sons are playing, it seems like we all have the same “mind frame” set for Spring baseball (even with our youngsters!).

Here are my reasons for them playing:

1. Commitment – I like showing them that when you commit to something, you keep up with it. There are games and practices that they have to be at, and I love that they see the regularity in this “practice.”

2. FUN – I want them to do something FUN in the spring! Baseball is such a great sport for little guys because it’s the kind of game that everyone can understand and truly get into.

3. Meeting new kids – I think this is very important. My sons don’t know everyone on their team, and I love teaching them that they need to go and meet new kids and try new experiences. It’s not always easy to do, but I think it’s something that they need to understand and adapt to.

4. Determination – Neither of my sons’ teams play to win. They’re at the age where you literally just let every single kid go and hit the ball, and when they’re done the next team is up. But! I do like that each child is determined to get up and try to hit the ball. They have the kids stay up there until they hit the ball, and I love that my sons have gotten more and more determined every single time up at bat to HIT it!

5. Bonding – This one is personal for me. My husband is coaching the teams this year, and I love seeing my guys bonding with their father. My father used to ALWAYS coach my team, so it’s a full circle moment for me seeing my husband coach our sons.

Baseball is the BEST Springtime pastime!

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