“Soccer Mom” Must-Haves

Spring has finally sprung!  The trees are blooming, the grass is returning to its deep green color, the birds are chirping, and spring sports are in full swing.  This year kicks off our first year trying out an organized sport as a family.  My quadruplet (yes, that’s four!) six-year-old boys are playing soccer this season, which officially makes me a rookie soccer mom.

In raising multiples, you only get one taste of each stage, which makes your first attempt your one only shot at getting things right.  So who do I turn to?  Veteran moms who have graced the sidelines for years with their photo buttons, ponchos, and noisemakers.

I asked my readers at 4tunate for their advice and must-haves, added my own essentials, and have come up with this list for game day.  

“Soccer Mom” Must-Haves

    • Water Bottle
    • Camera
    • Sunscreen
    • Equipment
    • Blanket
    • Towels (to wipe off bleachers)
    • Garbage Bag (for dirty clothes)
    • Change of Clothes
    • Phone Numbers of Coaches
    • Band-aides
    • Bug Spray
    • Umbrella
    • Healthy Snacks – granola bars, fruit, cheese sticks, Land O’Frost Premium Minis, etc.
    • Extra Shoes
    • Canvas Chair
    • Portable Potty (in case of emergencies)
    • Poncho
    • Layers of Clothing

Above all, I know I’ll need a large dose of enthusiasm and patience.  I’ll need patience when they don’t succeed the first time and are frustrated, with the refs when they make human errors, and with tying cleats for the 400th time. I’ll need enthusiasm for those rainy cold days that I’d like to be inside or for cheering them on even when they kick the ball the wrong direction.

Let’s face it our own attitudes have an enormous affect on our little players. Let’s make it a fun season cheering on our kids together from the sidelines win or lose!

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