Rat Race Scheduling

This past week, we had a family crisis hit our home. In these moments, you pause and take serious consideration to those things that are truly important in one’s life.

During the time in the hospital, I have been doing a lot of pondering about my busy schedule and what fills those 24 hours which I call a “day.”

I’ve looked at those hours and evaluated what builds up our family heritage and what distracts from our family moments.

Am I celebrating those simple moments that make memories – those little things that truly are the big things in life – or is my To Do list and the kids’ schedules so out of control that it’s impacting the whole family?

Frantic-Women-Rat-RaceSome shocking statistics that I found confirm my line of thinking.

  • 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress related.
  • 90% of the population claims there is never enough time.
  • Stress impairs our ability to think clearly and make good decisions.
  • 375,542 books have been published on stress management.

What is happening with in our society to get us to this point? How does this impact our role as a mom?

With so many schedules to balance, I am in the rat race of life (or quite literally, I feel as if I am the rat race).

It’s a constant struggle to balance it all: a continual battle to prioritize those things that are truly important – to seize the opportunity to delight in the making of memories, treasured traditions, and to capture intentional times together.

So, I look at the picture below and deliberately assess what is keeping me from having margin in my life?

What activities are consistently standing in the way of having a shared family meal around the dinner table? Am I engaging my children’s’ hearts, and not just passing time with a check list? Does a busy schedule lead them to feel continually rushed? What areas are causing unnecessary stress?

I’ve had to take a hard look at myself and realize that some of that stress I’ve put on myself.
There are so many “good” things that we can do with our children, but unfortunately, too many good things take away from experiencing the family life that we desire.

Do I really need to fill the calendar with kid’s activities to the detriment of sharing, sweet, simple moments?

These are hard questions for me.

I challenge you to ponder this with me.

As you’re planning your calendar and marking your schedules, I encourage you to look ahead ten years from now and determine what you want your family life to look like. What can you do right now that will give you margin, and allow you to be the cat, instead of the mouse, in this rat race of life?

What initiative can you take to balance the beauty and bedlam that arise in your life and savor those special moments?

I know that is what I want for my family and I plan on embracing those from now on.

I can’t wait to hear. Iron sharpens iron, and I invite you to sharpen me.

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