Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

Most people make New Year’s resolutions involving dieting and exercise, but rarely consider resolutions that involve parenting. You wouldn’t believe how effective a positive change in parenting styles can be for your mental heath. The positivity will also trickle down to your children and hopefully produce a happy and healthy family.

Practice Patience
No one is perfect and no parenting style is perfect, so instead of focusing on the “perfect” this year, let’s focus on being effective parents. I’ve only been a parent for a few years, and from the oodles of parenting books I’ve read, one consistent theme has always stuck out to me—practice patience. When I finally started implementing patience with my child, my eyes opened to new opportunities to teach. Not only is he responding better to my patience and calm voice rather than yelling or knee-jerk reactions, we’re also able to quickly move forward while correcting bad behavior. Now, because we aren’t spending too much energy getting upset and loud, we are now able to do more fun and rewarding activities like spending and enjoying time together.

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The Benefits of Positive, Patient Parenting
Now that we have established a more positive parenting style with our son, he’s quick to calm and less likely to get in trouble. This results in more time for fun things like:

  1. Playing in the park.
  2. Watch a family-friendly movie.
  3. Bake, cook and eat together, which coincidentally leads to teaching children how to cook and eat healthy. It’s also fun for them to eat their creations.
  4. Play games.
  5. Read books.
  6. Go on family walks.

As you can see, it’s easy to re-evaluate parenting styles to make small changes when needed, and it’s also important to have patience (with ourselves and our children) and vow to spend more time with one another. Cheers to a fresh start in your upcoming year!

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