Parenting Hacks to Keep You Sane

Thanks to the Internet, creative parents all over have shared simple and easy methods of making our lives easier. These hacks typically take common household items and use them in a different way. Here are a few items I’m excited to use in new ways:

  • Play Mat T-Shirt: I know my husband would love to get his hands on a car track play mat T-shirt, and I’m sure our son would love it too! I can imagine hours of children rolling cars over daddy’s back, giving him a nice massage. Win win! Purchase one on Etsy. (Idea from bkykid)
  • Adhesive Bandages: When traveling, my little one is always interested in electrical outlets. I don’t have the patience to bring an entire safety kit with me. Not only do the safety plugs cost money, but they take up space. A simple hack — bring plain bandages with you (which will also come in handy for boo-boos), and tape them over the plugs. Instant safety and instant parenting relief. (Idea from parent hacks)
  • Cupcake Liners: Ice pops are essential during the summer, but can get messy in a hurry. Poke the ice pop’s stick through a cupcake liner to create an instant drip catcher. No mess and delicious fun! (Idea from Real Simple)
  • Baby Wipes Container: When my son was little, he loved sneaking baby wipes out of the container. If this sounds familiar, fill an empty wipes container with wipe-sized fabric. Then your child can spend ample time removing as many as he wants. Fun, plus no wasted wipes! (Idea from Oh Mah Deehness)
  • Inflatable Pool: Typically, when you think of an inflatable pool, you think of it being filled with water. However, when it’s too hot or too cold to fill it, bring the empty pool inside for hours of entertainment. It becomes an instant playpen and provides excitement and imagination possibilities for the children. (Idea from This Wonderful Life)
  • Yogurt Pops: This simple method for making healthy ice pops will come in handy during summer. Place an ice pop stick through the lid of a full yogurt container, freeze, and enjoy an instant treat. Use the cupcake liner trick above to catch drips. (Idea from Annily Green)
  • Sock Toilet Warmer: Fast forward to winter and the discomfort of dealing with a cold toilet seat. If you have a spit toilet seat, cover each side with a long sock! Genius. (Idea from Wonder How To)
  • Backwards Onesie: It can be challenging to dress a child that likes to remove his clothes, especially when the diaper manages to come off in the process. To solve this problem, put the onesie on backwards, and you’ll be good to go! (Idea from Greta Cheney)

These hacks just touch the surface of what’s out there on the Internet. There are many clever parents that have discovered and shared their ideas with the world. Just search online.

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