Now, I Feel Like a REAL Mom!

My sons are active kids, they don’t like to sit still. I have to admit, I was the same way when I was a little girl. I always wanted to come home from school and just play! I was never one of those kids who wanted to watch TV. I love seeing that my sons are the same way.

This year, I feel like a true mom. I write this half-joking, but I’m serious. This is the first year we’ve signed the boys up for a lot of activities after school. The carpools, the rushing from here to there, the full calendars – I get it now. I’m totally one of those mom’s!

With my oldest son, William, we signed him up for swim team and basketball.

With my second oldest son, Alex, we signed him up for basketball and gymnastics.

And my 2 little guys, Ben and Henry, we signed them up for indoor soccer and swimming lessons.

I had a friend tell me that the boys’ schedules were too packed, too crazy for little guys. But I had to disagree. I feel like this is exactly what my kids need (and want).

William’s swim team practices 3 nights a week, and it’s very low-key. I love that he’s learning how to swim better and having fun with many of his friends. I see him walk on the pool deck and literally skip over to his lane, excited to hop in and learn some new drills and skills with his coach.

Basketball is a new thing this year, and I’m so glad we signed them up! My father is a huge basketball guy, so for him – this is a dream come true! William and Alex take basketball together, and I love that they get to be there having fun with each other. It was tough for me to see them go off to “real school” and not be with each other any longer at preschool, so I love seeing them get to be together again. They run and laugh and dribble and shoot and smile the whole hour. The coaches are these young teenagers and just have so much energy and soak up the enthusiasm from the kids!

Alex was BEGGING us to sign him up for gymnastics. We have a pull-up bar in our kitchen that my husband uses. Well… the boys have taken to this bar, too. My son Alex is like a machine! He does pull-ups, hangs with one arm… it’s crazy! We had his preschool teacher tell us last year that we should sign him up for gymnastics because he loves to tumble and jump. So we did it this year, and it has been amazing! He’s having such a blast and enjoys the bars, the balance beam, the rings and the horse. It’s been the perfect way for him to really hone in on this little talent! Plus, he LOVES it!

Indoor soccer for the little guys: it’s too cute. They just run and laugh the whole hour, and game day is so low-key! There’s no winner, every child gets a chance to score and run with the ball. I love it because I don’t want them feeling ultra-competitive at 3 and 4, I just want them to meet other kids and have some fun. I hadn’t heard of the indoor soccer league before, so I’m so glad we found out about it and signed the little guys up! Not to mention, their uniforms are too cute.

And our last activity with the little guys is swimming lessons. I just feel like swimming is such a vital and important skill to craft. I want my sons to feel comfortable in the water and confident in it as they get older, so I figure I should get them in while they’re young. So far, so good!

SO… I’m a total sports mom now. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know how much FUN it would be! We’re busy… but it’s the best busy ever!

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