New Mom Syndrome

I’m pretty sure it’s every new mother’s fear of leaving your baby for the first time. Or is it just me? Liam is 8 weeks old and I’ve only managed to leave him home with family (and a friend of the family that is practically family). Even then, I only want to leave him for just 2 hours. I’m breastfeeding so it’s kind of required, but still.

When I go out with the baby, I feel like I’m packing for a week: 10 million diapers, 7 outfits, 26 burp cloths, and 2 little sockies…just in case? You can never be too prepared. It takes us 3 hours just to get ready to go out. We get in the car, (which luckily the baby enjoys) then only spend 1 hour out-and-about because by then, he’s ready to eat again! Phew. So, leaving him with a babysitter is very tempting at this point.

I’m pretty sure that the first time I leave him, I might just cry the whole time instead of having a lovely date with my husband or going on a shopping spree to buy out Target’s inventory of Pampers.

How do you manage having the courage (and enough tissues) to leave the baby? 

I definitely have the new mom syndrome. Now, I need the vaccine…clubbin’ on Friday?

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