Living with Type 1 Diabetes: A Glimpse Into Our Lives

I’m excited to be a part of Land O’ for so many reasons.  First, I love being a mom there is nothing like it in the world.  A wise friend told me before I had children “it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love with all your heart.”  (Scared me to death at the time, no kidding)  How right she was, no matter how challenging my day has been all it takes is one glimpse of one of my little one’s sweet sleeping face and I immediately miss them.

When I heard about Land O’Frost’s multi-year partnership to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation it hit especially close to home.  My daughter and husband are both Type I Diabetics.  Although I am very thankful that diabetes is a manageable disease, it can still be very challenging. Anything I can do to help further awareness or raise funds to find a cure you can count me in.

Now, I’d love to introduce you to my family as we share our story. …….what it’s like for a family living with Type I Diabetes.

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