Knock Your Socks Off

So, this is it. My debut moment as a… mom?

When LandO’Moms invited me to be a contributor to their mom community, I was more than a bit excited. After all, the coolest people on earth are moms. That, and they said I could write about whatever I want, which is always a plus.

So, for my first post I thought I’d write something that’ll knock your socks off.

Five Ways Dad Gets His Socks Knocked Off

As a single dad, I find that there are a lot of ways that I end up with my socks knocked off.  Here are a few.

1) One of Noah’s favorite things to do is climb into my bed while I’m still sleeping and start peeling my socks off. He knows that it tickles my ankles like crazy when his tiny fingers begin doing their work, and more importantly, he knows that I can’t sleep through it which is his quickest ticket to breakfast.

2) Every now and then, while walking around the house in my socks, I take a step into something… wet. Sometimes dog pee. Sometimes spilled drink. Sometimes a melted ice cube that has clumsily fallen from the fridge door. Sometimes I have no idea what it is. I do know this. I hold the world record for how fast I can yank a sock off my foot.

3) Spring is here. That means seventy degree days followed by twenty degree days. That also means that the temperature in my house is never quite right. Half the days I’m putting on an extra pair of socks, the other half, I toss and turn for an hour or more at bedtime before I realize my feet are boiling, and off come the socks!

4) It’s laundry day. I know it’s laundry day because I open my sock drawer and there isn’t anything left for me inside. So, I begrudgingly put on a pair of dirty socks should I need to go anywhere. And, once again I prove my world record sock removal skills when I hear the dryer beep.

5) Sometimes there is a need to chase my four-year old around the house with stinky socks. And sometimes there is a need for him to chase around his Dad with stinky socks. Enough said.

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