Kids and Animals

I grew up with two dogs – Cracker and Carmel – and they really did shape my life. They exemplified loyalty and love and kindness, all in their big eyes and dog licks! I loved my dogs more than anything. We also always had a full tank of fish growing up, something I’ll never forget. There was absolutely something always serene and peaceful about watching the fish swim back and forth.

I loved having dogs and fish.

But my sons don’t want a dog, fish or even cats … they want snakes!

Yes. Snakes.

I have to be honest with you; there are two animals that I am absolutely terrified of – snakes and mice.

I don’t know what it is, but they terrify me. They really do.

My sons have begged me to get one, even telling me that they will take care of it, I never will have to. They envision having the snake in the backyard with them this summer and bringing it with them wherever we go (oh, my!). They’re trying to make me cave…

So this past weekend my husband took them to an event where he knew snakes would be. And something happened…

Oh, yes. My son Alex (the one who is the biggest BEGGER!) started hissing at the snake. I think he realized pretty quickly that it’s not easy to be a snake owner.

So now, of course … he wants a dog.

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