If Your Kids Love Homemade Slime, Try These DIY Games

Every mother’s nightmare: the dreaded “Mom, I’m boooooored!” whines are wafting out to you from the playroom. Take a break from trying to determine how one can be bored in a room full of toys and give the kids the gift of entertaining, new DIY fun!

  1. Use Those Senses

Sensory Play is an awesome way to spend a few hours. Young kids will light up at the chance to scoop, shovel, squish and sift. Older kiddos will not only enjoy the sensory experience but will also get to work on recipes and perhaps pick up some science skills while making these cool concoctions. Try these easy ideas for an amusing sensory experience:

  • Slime. Homemade slime is all the rage lately. Join the blogosphere and DIY your own slime. For this recipe from Babble Dabble Do, you’ll need glue, liquid starch and food coloring. Take your time figuring out just the right ratios for ultimate slime-time fun.
  • Cloud Dough. So simple to make and much easier to clean up than playdough, cloud dough is a sensory star. To make cloud dough at home, I use the 2-Ingredient Cloud Dough recipe from Happy Hooligans. You can take a look at the blog for more cloud dough musings, but the recipe  is 1 cup of baby oil combined with 8 cups of all-purpose flour and mixed well with a spoon, whisk or pastry cutter. Pro tip: You can use vegetable oil instead for a taste-safe (although not tasty or recommended for eating) experience for toddlers.
  • Rainbow Rice. This cute video gives a fast but detailed lesson on how to make colorful rice for sensory play. All you need is rice, vinegar and food coloring. Making rainbow rice is a little more time consuming than some other sensory ideas but totally worth it. And it can be stored in an air-tight container for later use. Kids will keep playing with it for days!
  • Goop. Goop has always been one of my favorite sensory options. It’s wet, gooey, scientifically baffling and fantastically messy. Prime yourself with patience before introducing goop to the kids, and then join in the fun: sensory play is good for the soul! Here’s the recipe—you’ll need cornstarch, water and a big, shallow bin.
  1. Large Motor Mastery

Big body play is a childhood necessity, especially when cold or rainy weather leaves you stuck inside. When your brood’s energy levels are high but new ideas are lacking, these indoor inventions will get their imaginations rolling in no time.

  • Make a Race Track. Grab a roll of masking or painter’s tape and have your kids round up their race cars. Keep the littles occupied with planning and creating a race track for small cars and trucks. Your speedway can go all over the house, even over and under furniture. Check out this link for more instructions and tips.
  • Get Creative. While you have the tape out, try making an indoor hopscotch board on a hard floor or playing this super fun Tape Shape game from Toddler Approved.
  • Minute to Win-it. Love the show? How about playing at home? Teach Mama provides a super helpful list of supplies to play 12 of her favorite Minute to Win-it games. You’ll need things like cereal, Solo cups, ping pong balls and skewers. There are countless Minute to Win-it games that are fully family-friendly. Some of our favorites:
    • Cookie Face. Starting with your head leaning back, place a cookie on your forehead. You have one minute to get the cookie into your mouth without using your hands.
    • Penny Towers. Raid the piggy banks and clear off a table! In this simple game, you stack as many pennies as you can. It’s harder than it seems!
    • Dizzy Mummy. Partner up and take turns being the mummy. Grab a roll of toilet paper and spin and spin until you’re all wrapped up … and extremely dizzy!
    • Shoe Fly Shoe. This challenging game requires some space in a room where nothing is breakable. Round up your crew’s shoes and take turns using your foot to fling a shoe onto the game table. It sounds silly—and looks it too—but it’s sure to burn some energy and end in piles of giggles.

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