How Are You Teaching Your Kids to Say Thanks?

I don’t know what November means for your family, for my family, it means pumpkins and squash decorating the fireplace and piano, golds and reds, greens and oranges all the colors of fall (that we wish we could see down here in South Texas) decorating our home, the scents of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting through the house from bowls and wreaths and ovens alike.

It means that my kids finally get to wear jeans with their tank tops and t-shirts, occasionally at night donning a light jacket or long sleeve shirt.

It means that snorkels and trips to the beach are replaced by walking to school, riding a scooter outside and playing in the golden light of dusk (which mercifully comes much earlier).

It also means, that our hearts and minds start turning towards Thanksgiving and the menu, the food, the guests, the decor, and then – we start to think about the meaning. The words, Thanks Giving.

This year, at 6-nearly-7 and 4, our kids are old enough to see more than themselves, to see and begin to understand that they are some of the blessed. They have enough food to eat, a roof over their heads, a warm bed to sleep in, clothes on their bodies and family and friends who love them. They can play sports if they want to, because we can drive them there and cheer them on. They have parents who go over their homework with them and read books to them/listen to them practice their reading.

So, this year, we are going to take our kids to the shelter and have them help us serve a Thanksgiving Meal, we’re going to have them help us pick out the items on the grocery store’s donation list, and put it in the bags for the Thanksgiving Donation Box.

This year, we’re going to give our children a deeper understand of the meaning, To Give Thanks.

How will you and your family celebrate?

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