Finding 10 Minutes for Moms to Catch Their Breath

We all know it’s true, so let’s just put it out there: Motherhood is EXHAUSTING, and that’s before taking work into consideration. Sometimes we just need a breather, and getting one isn’t easy, regardless of where you are in your motherhood journey.

When they’re infants and toddlers, crawling into your bed at night, or worse, not sleeping at all, a mom’s goal might be to just survive the day despite the never-ending list of tasks that await her.

Moms with older kids (who are sleeping through the night!) are by no means in the clear. Kids don’t raise themselves, after all.

They need permission slips signed, rides to and from practice, a snack, questions or just to show you their collection of Pokemon cards for the hundredth time.

The mental energy we exert to raise great kids on a daily basis is frankly tiring.

As much as we love our babies and the time we spend with them, moms are allowed respite too, if even for just a few moments.

Taking 10 minutes to regain composure, fill up on patience and catch your breath from the day’s chaos can do wonders.

Nothing will replace a good night’s rest (so make sure you get yours!), but for those days when you need just 10 minutes to yourself, here are few tips, ideas and words of encouragement for all the hard-working moms out there:

Catch yourself before frustration does

Taking 10 minutes to yourself is not selfish. Actually, offering your children a mother who is calm and present is the most loving thing we can do.

Avoid losing your cool completely and take a few moments to catch your breath before frustration gets the best of you.

Special box of toys, crafts or books

Keep a box of their favorite stuff in the closet that comes out only on days when the kids need distracting. This trick probably won’t get you hours of undisturbed alone time, but it might help you find an extra 10 minutes. For those days when you need just a few extra moments to breathe, take out the special box.

Reserve irregular tasks or chores for moments like this

Moms are great at coming up with chores! Use that super power to your advantage and regroup while the kids tackle a task. An irregular chore doesn’t need to serve a purpose other than keeping the kids busy, so look for simple things like: sorting Legos by color, organizing a book shelf, drawing a picture for their teacher or writing a thank you card.

Technology is your friend

Kids like gadgets. We all know it. If you have to turn on the tablet or their favorite movie or podcast to catch a few minutes to yourself, do so without guilt.

Spend your 10 minutes on YOUR terms

After you’ve distracted the kids, a calm 10 minutes spent is effective in recharging the batteries and changing your perspective. But spend them however you want.

Use a meditation app to calm your racing mind, take deep breaths, mentally list the big and small thing you’re grateful for, drink a glass of water, send an email to just say hi to a friend, sit in quiet and think of nothing. Whatever you do with your 10-minute break, do it on your terms.

Being a mom is not easy, but it is so worth it.

Most days, motherhood takes everything out of us, though we offer our love, time and attention up willingly. But we’re human too and we need breaks every so often to keep us happy. Because, in the end, your kids just want a happy mom more than anything else.

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