Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

The school year is back in full swing and progress reports are starting to come in. Not every kid can be a genius, and yours is struggling. Or so their grades make it seem.

Is your daughter really good at math and just not doing her homework? Is your son a slow reader or just distracted? How do you know? And if your kids are struggling, what’s the right kind of help?

I’ve been there. And there is help.

As moms, we want what’s best for our kids, but private tutors aren’t exactly affordable. The good news is you have other options. Here’s how to navigate the complicated process of setting your kids up for academic success.

Mom Knows Best

If you think that your child would benefit from a tutor, you’re probably right. That doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage to pay for a tutor. I was a tutor myself, and I didn’t charge nearly what other tutors did. I was out to help these kids, as I was a teacher. Remember, just because a tutor costs a lot doesn’t mean they’re the best.

The Old College Try

When I was in college, we used to have a program where we would tutor for free. It was part of an internship in one of my classes. Contact your local college and ask for the head of the elementary education department to find out if they could find a student willing to tutor your child.

Give Up the Fight

It’s not worth it. I have seen some BIG arguments unfold in the 30 seconds it takes to figure out a math equation. It goes something like this: “What?! NO! 12X12 is not 122! We just practiced this! How did you even get to that? Try again!” But when you lose your patience, you also lose your child’s trust in you. Step back and try again later. Even trying at a different time of day could make a difference.

If you were given the choice to do homework or go out to dinner with friends, which would you pick?   Your child is no different! Maybe homework time needs to be a different time. Get creative! Do it on the way to practice, do it in a fort, do it before eating ice cream.

More Screen Time Kids!

Yes, you read that right: MORE screen time. There are so many different tutoring websites that offer help. You can find really cheap online tutors that do a great job. While this might be a little harder for your child, it might be worth it if they just need that little push.

Let Teachers Teach

I had 24 students one year, and do you know how many parents asked me for extra help? ONE. Do you know how many I would have helped? 24. I would have gladly stayed after for 15 minutes. I even would have stayed to teach the PARENT what to do, so they could help their child. Don’t be shy about it … talk to their teacher. We don’t bite!

Like I said before, if you think your child needs extra help, you’re probably right. Did you hear that? I said YOU ARE RIGHT. But what are you going to do about it? It’s up to you to be the voice for your kids. You got this.

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