Birthday Cake…Spoiled!

A.-McClelland-11.2011-aBut then something happened a couple of weeks ago… I decided to bite the bullet and bake/create William’s 7th Birthday Cake! I have to admit, I was super excited about it.

We bought his favorite vanilla cake mix. We bought his favorite chocolate frosting. We bought icing to decorate it. We bought 7 candles. We were set.

I had William and his brothers help me measure out all the ingredients and help me mix everything together. All was well… until I put it into the oven.

Something terribly went wrong, it didn’t cook the whole way through. Which, if you ask me, should have been impossible. I put the cake in the oven for the exact allotted time it asked for. I used the exact ingredients. I did everything by the book. Yet… it got destroyed.


My Alexander was turning 6 years old 3 days later, so I wanted to redeem myself. I owed it to these boys, right?

I’m not even kidding — this time around I bought new cake pans, new ingredients and made Alexander get chocolate instead of vanilla (just in case that happened to be part of the problem). I wanted everything to be different.

I wouldn’t even let the boys help me this time around. It was coming down to mom on this one.

I mixed the ingredients. I greased the pan. I popped it into the oven. I did everything it asked for. Everything!

When the cakes came out of the oven, they looked incredible!


I let them cool down, and then went to frost them.

Like a scene out of comedy, the cake literally popped. It just gave in and collapsed, right before my very eyes.

I couldn’t believe it. Out of nowhere, my beautiful cakes were ruined.

Oh, mama-mia!

I tried. I really did. My husband saved the day on both occasions by running to the market to buy cakes.

And my sons? Well, they’ve asked me never to bake again!

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