Being Blessed and Being a Blessing

Depending on where you live, the leaves might be changing colors and falling from trees, there may be afternoons of raking leaves, jumping in the piles and raking them up again; followed by evenings of hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace.

Or, you could still be swimming in the pool outside, wearing shorts and riding bikes and playing outside in 80 F weather.

Regardless of where you are, and what your weather is – if you have a home to go into, clothes to cover you, and arms to hug you – you are one of the blessed.

During November our minds and tummies start dreaming about tables bowing under the weight of all that delicious food, pants being stretched to the limit and long naps on the couch while kids play and voices are raised with laughter and at TV’s where football and fun flickr across the screen.

It’s easy to forget that there are some who’ve never known that luxury, who’ve never had a belly so full that they want to loosen their pants, there are many who’ve known that luxury and yet fear they may never again.

November is the month we talk about what we’re thankful for, giving thanks for our blessings.

November should be the month that we bless others, be the blessing that others give thanks for.

We’ve started a tradition in our house – every November we invite a large group of friends over for a Soup Swap.  Everyone makes their favorite soup – divides it into 8  tupperware containers, writes the recipe down and bring canned food to donate to our local food bank.

Everyone who attends goes home with 8 different soups to stock their freezers and fill their bellies, new recipes to try and our local food bank benefits with a large donation.

This last year, we had 110 cans of food for our food bank.  This year, I’m hoping to have 200 or more to donate.

Our kids get to see the charity, the giving, the looking beyond our own comforts.  I take them with me when we donate the cans and they get to see where it goes and they get a bigger understanding of just how lucky they are.

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