9 Simple Gift Ideas for Your Kid’s Teacher

You’re making a list, you’re checking it twice, and you’re just not sure if getting your kid’s teacher a gift is completely necessary.

There’s a lot of pressure. You don’t want to get what everyone else is getting, and you don’t want to be the lame parent who didn’t get the cool, custom gift.

So what’s the right gift? And how much should you spend?

To get the answers, we asked real moms. Not surprisingly, no one said they get teachers apple-themed gifts, because what teacher really needs (or for that matter, wants!) another apple paperweight?

What moms did say had a common theme: Yes, they give gifts, usually homemade ones. You also can’t go wrong with gift cards. Here are some ideas for both to inspire your own gifts for teachers this year.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Teachers

Moms agreed: the best gifts for teachers are made with love. Plus the kids can help you make them! It could even become a new holiday family tradition.

But if there just isn’t enough time between the shopping and potlucks and travel to get it done, store-bought versions of any of these gifts still do the trick. Just pair it with a handwritten note for that extra special touch.

  • Spirited Sweets: Give your kid’s teacher a batch of your famous fudge or sugar cookies, or try our easy recipes for chocolate pretzel wreaths and snowman crunch.
  • Beauty of the Season: Mix together your own bath and body goods to give teachers, like homemade hand soap or body scrub. Or try making your own soap and package it with a cute soap dish.
  • Homespun Holiday: Make your own potholders or tea towels, or personalize plain store-bought ones with festive stamps.
  • Warm Wishes: Fill a basket with all the fixings to make hot winter drinks – think mugs, coffee, tea or hot chocolate mix, along with bite-size baked goods for dunking.

Gift Card Ideas for Teachers

When deciding what gift cards to give, it all depends on how well you know the teacher. If you know where they like to shop for clothes or their favorite restaurant, that’s fair game.

If you aren’t sure though, play it safe with something more universal. For example, give them gift cards for:

  • Local department stores where they can shop for clothing, accessories, home goods and more
  • Supermarkets near the school for grocery shopping
  • Gas stations near the school for fueling up
  • Office supply stores for getting classroom supplies
  • An area spa or nail salon so they can enjoy some much-deserved pampering

One last thought: Teachers get a lot of gifts. The same can’t always be said for other people your kids see regularly, like bus drivers and cafeteria workers.

Even something small, like a handwritten note or $10 gift card, is special.

Now that ‘twasn’t too bad, was it?

There’s enough to stress about during the holidays – getting teachers gifts doesn’t have to be one of them. Whatever you give will make their season merry and bright. After all, ‘tis the thought that counts!

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